Jealousy – A Distortion of Human Characteristics

I had no choice but to blog another story on this subject since it was discussed last night and quite fresh in my mind. Why Jealousy is bane of our existence, cause of miseries in our life, a distortion of our true character and most importantly not our true nature.

There was this Yogi, who by the powers of his penance gained the vision of the Lord. The Lord appreciating the efforts appeared before this ascetic. The all-knowing lord knew what was coming next and needless to mention, this man sought a boon. Lord told him why boon, when I am here myself with you available to you. But the materialistic minded man that he was, did not care about the Divinity that was made available to him on a platter. Instead he insisted, O Lord! I went through the whole ordeal only because, I was given to understand that you are a Benefactor, never refuse to grant anyone a boon, but why do you dissuade me from seeking my legitimate right (to his ignorant mind, the ascetics or saint do their practices for material gain). The Lord said, “O devotee! you are happy as it is. A boon would only make you more unhappy, but if you insist I shall grant you a boon on one condition! the choice is yours).

“Lord! What a choice, it is a predecided one, please grant me the wish and Pray what is the condition?” The Lord now laid down a condition, “Whatever you seek, the others would get two times that you seek and beget?”

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The man without batting an eyelid just agreed to this condition. The Lord vanished after granting him his wish. The man returns back to his humble abode and makes his wish, “Let my humble home become a luxurious palace with all amenities”. Swissssshhhhhh!!! There stood a grand palace in place of the ramshackled shed. The man was very happy! He then wished for a nice, most expensive Car to take him around the town to show off and there it was!!!

He got on to his car and drove out of his palace and to his utter surprise and disappointment (everyone else in the town had twice the grand stuffs that he was bestowed with). Everyone had doubly luxurious palaces, two palaces, two cars, doubly expensive cars. So whatever this man wished, the others around him enjoyed double. The mans anger knew no bounds… He got so jealous that others are enjoying fruits of his labour. As the Lord had foreseen, the man got really unhappy and he wished the he never had asked for a boon. But the devil in him thought of a sadistic plan. Of what use all those luxuries if you can’t enjoy their sight. No palace would look grander, they can’t drive around however expensive their cars maybe. So he wishes that he loses one eye.

Undoubtedly, he lost one eye! But Alas! the rest of the people lost both the eyes (you know God is consistent in application of HIS principles). The man was now so happy. Atleast I cant enjoy the sight of grand palace though the others have doubly grander one, they can never know. This gave him immense pleasure for a while. Then he went around the town and saw the misery of the town. He was saddened by what he saw. He was surrounded and engulfed by misery and whatever he did, wherever he set his eyes, he saw only miseries. The old wise man of the village (who was blind thanks to the wish this man sought) told this person, Thank God!!! He made us blind. We dont have to see miseries in our life anymore. Whereas unfortunate you because of your ability to see albeit with one eye, nevertheless have to bear the cross of witnessing the miseries around you without anyone to even share the sight.

He rushes back to the Lord, asks forgiveness. The Lord says, that no one need any wish. They are provided for without asking for it. Anything more or less would only make them unhappy. None of my creations deserve unhappiness unless they ask for it – If only you had not been Jealous of others, you could have enjoyed your share and led a great life”


The Lord then pardons the man, restores the order in the world after ensuring that a valuable lesson was left to the world.

While at it, please read  His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on How to Conquer Jealousy or Envy

Guru Poornima – Day of Great-Fullness

HH Sri Sri Ravishankar

 ध्यानमूलं गुरुर्मूर्तिः पूजामूलं गुरुर्पदम् ।

मन्त्रमूलं गुरुर्वाक्यं मोक्षमूलं गुरूर्कृपा ॥

Dhyana Moolam Guru Murti, Puja Moolam Gurur Padam,
Mantra Moolam Gurur Vakyam, Moksha Moolam Guru Kripa

The very form of Guru is the root of Meditation, Guru’s feet, the root of worship. Guru’s words forms the root of Mantras and Grace of Guru the root of Liberation ,says Sage Vyasa

Today, July 3rd 2012 is Purnima, the full-moon day in the month of Ashada, the fourth month in the traditional Lunar Hindu Calendar observed as Guru Purnima. This day is dedicated to Maharishi Ved Vyasa, who has rendered invaluable service to Humankind by writing down four Vedas, Eighteen Puranas, the Mahabharata and Bhagavata.

Sage Veda Vyasa
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The Supreme knowledge that was being passed on orally from the memory of the great Masters was for the first time compiled and written down by Maharishi Ved Vyasa. He had retired to a secluded place, inaccessible even to his closest disciples, and entered into deepest possible state of meditation. From that space of consciousness, he wrote down the great teachings of the Saints of yesteryugas. After recording the Supreme Knowledge on Bhoja Patra (Birch Tree bark and leaves), Maharishi Ved Vyas emerged out and appeared to his disciples on this auspicious day of Ashada Purnima. Hence, this day is dedicated and celebrated by Spiritual Seekers as Vyasa Purnima.

The greatest form of gratitude any Sadhak (spiritual seeker) can offer to a Master is by constantly studying and practising the teachings of such enlightened souls.

His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji Founder of The Art of Living Foundation says,

Guru Purnima is the day when the disciple wakes up in his fullness and in the wakefulness he can’t be but grateful. This gratitude is not of dwaita (you and me), but of advaita. It is not a river moving from somewhere to somewhere, but is the ocean moving within itself. So, gratefulness on Guru-Purnima symbolizes that fullness.

For a seeker, Guru Purnima is a day of significance, is a day of New Year. It is the day to review one’s progress on the spiritual path and renew one’s determination and focus on the goal, and to resolve what one wants to do in the coming year. As the full moon rises and sets, tears of gratitude arise and repose into the vastness of one’s own self.”

You can read more on this on the official HH Sri Sri ‘s blog page here :

As Saint Kabir says:

Guru dhobi Shisha kapada,sabuna sirjana hara;

surati sila para dhoikai, nikasai joti apara.

Master is the washer man, disciple the garment, and Creator Himself is the soap; when the clothes are beaten on the stone of divine reflection, they shine out bright and clean.

Sri Guru Gita describes Guru as follows

गुकारस्त्वन्धकारश्च रुकारस्तेज उच्यते । 

अज्ञानग्रासकं ब्रह्म गुरुरेव न संशयः ॥

Guru is that which leads from darkness to light represents Guru. Gu – Darkness and Ru = Light. Guru thus is one who dispels darkness of ignorance with luminescence of Knowledge.

Gu refers to ‘guna teetha’, which means ‘beyond attribute’, i.e with any Gunas (qualities, characteristics, attributes, tendencies or traits). A classic example for understanding this was given by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Electricity when supplied to a fan results in breeze, when supplied to a motor results in rotation, when supplied to a bulb results in light, when provided to a stove results in heat and when provided to air-conditioner results in chillness. Can we now call electricity as breeze, heat, chillness or light? No way.

If you call Electricity as heat, the Refrigerator may not concur and if you call it light, the Fan may not concur. While Electricity is in all these appliances, the reverse is not true – the appliances are not in Electricity. It is the same with Guru tatva (Principle). It is present in all the attributes and yet is beyond the attributes – “Guna teeta”

Today is the day, when we express our gratitude to all the Masters of the past, present and the future ones – who walked this planet. Not Master in HIS physical form but the Guru Principle that transcends the form.

||Jai Gurudev||

AUM/OM – a beginner’s narrative

This is in response  to two of my fellow bloggers on another discussion forum (which is not functional now) – Ved Vahan and Subash. Cross posting it again to share it with the audience here. While I don’t have access to those blogs wherein those 2 loving souls had brought out concept of OM, I humbly submit that this is an amateurish attempt to complement their indisputable explanations. Wherever relevant, I have made any reference to their writing,I have specifically reproduced for relevance.

So here I go….

For our ordinary minds (and true for almost all beginners on the spiritual path), it is not so easy to conceptualize or comprehend an idea without expressing them in words. If it cannot spoken about or if not expressible we somehow get a  feeling of surreality or unreal.

So this idea of God or Divine, has to necessarily be associated and expressed with Words. Another condition is that since God/Divinity is considered fundamental fact of the Cosmos, the word expressing It needs to be fundamental too. The ancients saints, seers and Rishis struck upon and agreed that this word “AUM” is a fundamental word that can truly express the Divine.

Why is this word fundamental? Here let me begin by exploring deeper purport of one of my fellow blogger on another site – Sri Subashji’s explanation. Representing the “G”enerator, “O”perator and “D”estructor – nature of GOD.

“A” the creative force originating at the lower part (Step on a thorn or when you get hurt on your legs or feet, the natural sound that emerges out is “Aaaah”)

“U”, the maintaining force originating at the middle part (someone punching on your abdomen, the natural sound that is expressed would be “Uuuuuu”).

“M”, the destructive force – of evil tendencies originating at the top part (ask
someone to give a sharp knock on your head, the sound that emerges would be “Mmmmm”).

Sum total of these forces represents the entire universe and hence lends a legitimate expression representing God representing the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, considered as the Creative, Maintaining and Destructive Forces.

The very construct itself renders AUM a fundamental WORD.

“A”, the root sound is pronounced without touching any part of the tongue or roof of the mouth,

“M” pronounced with closed lips representing the last possible sound.

“U” rolls from the root to the end of the palate, right upto the lips. So the three
syllables together forms the PRIMORDIAL expression called “AUM”, which represents the whole phenomena of sound production (“A” + “U” representing “O”).

Next why 3 times? As Ved-Vahan ji rightly said, “it represents three dimensions of our existence and a honor to all the three dimensions representing the
divinity in us. More importantly someone said, “It is Gurudev’s bidding (referring to His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar ji of Art of Living) , HE knows why :-)” (personally the most important and favourite reason for chanting it 3 times).

It is pertinent to remind here that chanting of 3 times is an aspect specific to Sudarshana Kriya and many Art Of Living processes but not mandatory – it could be more. (As HE keeps saying in various forums, in these busy times,
it is good enough if someone can chant 3 times – anything more and people would simply cite lack of time and discontinue Sadhana). 108 time chanting is quite popular too (9 Grahas x 12 Rashis).
My personal experience (not to do with numbers, but the very act of Chanting OM) – it clearly demarcates the activities on either side of my chanting. Prior to starting with a Sadhana, I disconnect the pre-Sadhana life with OM. As a rule, our group of AOL’ites whatever be the spiritual practices we embark on (viewing Knowledge Videos, beginning of AOL meetings, beginning satsangs)we chant OM, which clearly separates (mentally and physically) the mundane things from our mindspreparing the ground for our subsequent activities.

ॐ ॐ ॐ