Jealousy – A Distortion of Human Characteristics

I had no choice but to blog another story on this subject since it was discussed last night and quite fresh in my mind. Why Jealousy is bane of our existence, cause of miseries in our life, a distortion of our true character and most importantly not our true nature.

There was this Yogi, who by the powers of his penance gained the vision of the Lord. The Lord appreciating the efforts appeared before this ascetic. The all-knowing lord knew what was coming next and needless to mention, this man sought a boon. Lord told him why boon, when I am here myself with you available to you. But the materialistic minded man that he was, did not care about the Divinity that was made available to him on a platter. Instead he insisted, O Lord! I went through the whole ordeal only because, I was given to understand that you are a Benefactor, never refuse to grant anyone a boon, but why do you dissuade me from seeking my legitimate right (to his ignorant mind, the ascetics or saint do their practices for material gain). The Lord said, “O devotee! you are happy as it is. A boon would only make you more unhappy, but if you insist I shall grant you a boon on one condition! the choice is yours).

“Lord! What a choice, it is a predecided one, please grant me the wish and Pray what is the condition?” The Lord now laid down a condition, “Whatever you seek, the others would get two times that you seek and beget?”

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The man without batting an eyelid just agreed to this condition. The Lord vanished after granting him his wish. The man returns back to his humble abode and makes his wish, “Let my humble home become a luxurious palace with all amenities”. Swissssshhhhhh!!! There stood a grand palace in place of the ramshackled shed. The man was very happy! He then wished for a nice, most expensive Car to take him around the town to show off and there it was!!!

He got on to his car and drove out of his palace and to his utter surprise and disappointment (everyone else in the town had twice the grand stuffs that he was bestowed with). Everyone had doubly luxurious palaces, two palaces, two cars, doubly expensive cars. So whatever this man wished, the others around him enjoyed double. The mans anger knew no bounds… He got so jealous that others are enjoying fruits of his labour. As the Lord had foreseen, the man got really unhappy and he wished the he never had asked for a boon. But the devil in him thought of a sadistic plan. Of what use all those luxuries if you can’t enjoy their sight. No palace would look grander, they can’t drive around however expensive their cars maybe. So he wishes that he loses one eye.

Undoubtedly, he lost one eye! But Alas! the rest of the people lost both the eyes (you know God is consistent in application of HIS principles). The man was now so happy. Atleast I cant enjoy the sight of grand palace though the others have doubly grander one, they can never know. This gave him immense pleasure for a while. Then he went around the town and saw the misery of the town. He was saddened by what he saw. He was surrounded and engulfed by misery and whatever he did, wherever he set his eyes, he saw only miseries. The old wise man of the village (who was blind thanks to the wish this man sought) told this person, Thank God!!! He made us blind. We dont have to see miseries in our life anymore. Whereas unfortunate you because of your ability to see albeit with one eye, nevertheless have to bear the cross of witnessing the miseries around you without anyone to even share the sight.

He rushes back to the Lord, asks forgiveness. The Lord says, that no one need any wish. They are provided for without asking for it. Anything more or less would only make them unhappy. None of my creations deserve unhappiness unless they ask for it – If only you had not been Jealous of others, you could have enjoyed your share and led a great life”


The Lord then pardons the man, restores the order in the world after ensuring that a valuable lesson was left to the world.

While at it, please read  His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on How to Conquer Jealousy or Envy

5 thoughts on “Jealousy – A Distortion of Human Characteristics

  1. Sarath Ramakrishnan (@SarathRamakrish) December 7, 2012 / 9:55 am

    I think a positive jealousy, can be something which we can make use of to work harder. It works as a motivational for some people and make them realise their potential. I am not talking about the wretched jealousy that this guy in your story had. This is like Ayn Rand type of jealousy.

  2. sinchitaa December 7, 2012 / 4:55 pm

    Amazing.. 🙂 suresh ji.. 🙂

  3. sinchitaa December 7, 2012 / 5:00 pm

    Reblogged this on sinchitaa and commented:
    Amazing lesson to be learnt by all us.

  4. Raguraman B (@ragub6) December 8, 2012 / 9:43 am

    Good analysis. Jealousy is just a manifestation of inability at some level – Pity the people who are Jealous of something for they are unable to channel their thoughts properly

  5. sanjayuvacha December 25, 2012 / 6:19 pm

    Brilliant … always…

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