Star you were, Star you are, Star you will be – Just shine

Cannot help but rewind to this day 26 years ago each time we reach this day on the calendar. It has been a exhilarating experience and a day of Gratitude reinforced each time to the Divine for He chose us to be your parents.

From that helpless tiny baby to an ‘I can do anything’ independent gem you are now, what a journey it has been! I recall the joy of that moment when the little gem was carefully gift wrapped and handed over to me and I will never tire looking at this photograph, again and again. Those blissful days when you snuggled in my arms are unforgettable. It is never easy task to express that feeling in words. You need to experience it to feel it.

A click that I cherish

They say, No father can realise the meaning of life or the world until he has children and once he has, everything changes and life is never the same again. When we have a daughter like Divya, it is doubly so. World becomes such a beautiful place to live and if you have any doubts on this, come and see it through my eyes.

Now for some Gyan 😛 without which I can never finish anything. Your large heartedness is a known thing and I am proud of what you have done for the society thus far. First thing I would like to say is to Love your self like no one else. Remember, as I keep telling people around me, you can never love anyone else if you don’t love yourself first. I learnt it along in my journey and I guess this is something you don’t have to live through all over to realise and hence this suggestion.

Never accept disrespect whoever it is from, including me of course. If you sell yourself low, society seeks a discount and bids even lower. You are far more precious than what you think. People will run you down and get close again, but one thing I learnt proudly from you is that fact that you lived with an unknown realisation that, you had yourself, at the end of the day, evident by how easily you forgave folks who roughshod you and moved on. That is something I am proud of quoting as a lesson for myself and others.

As you grow up, priorities change and many obvious things are overlooked. Remember! Love of all of us is always there, come rain or sun. Obviously you know this. I was proud when you took upon your broad shoulders to accompany your brother abroad all by yourself to settle him into University and the long emotional solo return journey that you strongly embarked upon. Let me confess, it would have been next to impossible for me to do that and taking up that humongous responsibility required a lovely soul like you. Be brave and count on family’s love to tide over any choppy seas and keep the boat sailing.

And I had to share a wonderful WA Family group message and the response your brother gave. That is what makes the family click. Ability to laugh under any circumstance. God Bless us all! And touch wood, we will retain that ability to laugh at, and with ourselves forever.

And thanking the Divine once again for the wonderful gift that you are for us. Happy Birthday dear one. Words alone are not enough to express my happiness that you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy!

Happy birthday & Wish you many more to come, from all of us

Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.
Go on, take on this whole world.
But to me you know you’ll always be, my little girl.

Happy Twenty Eight

It is never easy to find stronger words year after year when the bond gets stronger. Vocabulary fails each time an attempt it made to express what this journey and specially with a fellow traveller like Aparna.

Ever grateful to her and the Divine for taking the plunge this day 28 summers ago. Task to describe this amazing journey becomes tougher when she ensures that it gets better and better each moment.

This is the angel of my existence and of many lives around me. When going gets tough, we rest assured that a strong shoulder appears from nowhere to assure and boost our confidence. Different matter that in other times she finds ways to worry when there is nothing to worry (probably that is how she rehearses for tough times) This is a trait that has stood her and all of us in good stead.

Thank you Aparna for being there, For being a source of strength, For effing us to grow and most importantly For making us feel nice about ourselves.

Time just flew and it is tough to believe we cleared 28 summers in a jiffy with lovely addition of gems into this lovely garland that you wove together, along the way.

My customary song dedicated to you

No song would do justice to what you really are.

Happy 28th Anniversary and Wish you an unending Journey of bliss.

With the one who always steadied the boat however Choppy the water got

Loads and Loads of Love

As you prepare to bid Good Bye to your Teenage

Dearest Vishnu

It indeed is a very different and more special Birthday, for it is the first time we celebrate it with you about 14000 kms away. It seems like yesterday, this day 19 years back that a little bundle of joy was delivered to us, gift wrapped by the Divine – those moments when we felt life has been extremely kind to us (which still is). Just as time flew, you spread your wings and flew too – a flight for good reasons. Well! We are proud of whatever you did in life thus far, most importantly for being a wonderful Human Being. Blessed that you are right from the beginning by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I still remember He saying, let him go (though deep inside, I wished He said no) He will do well and bring great name to the himself and the country. We only wish you continue to be a great Human Being while excelling in your Education and career.

All set to launch

As they say, it is a milestone year for everyone your age – on the brink of getting out of your teenage and entering the adulthood. I am proud you had a level head on that broad shoulder. Decisions taken definitely are not easy ones, giving up seats that people here die for and venture into the unknown territory to chart a new course. In the short time, and if indications of the progress you have already made is any indication, we are proud of the decision you took and on this birthday, wishing you the best that the creation has in offer.

As you walked waving a good bye to all of us in the airport terminals, is when we realised that it is not the little son (for your proud parents) or little baby brother (for your adorable sister) but a young handsome man out to conquer the world, an individual determined and a wonderful soul set to spread his wings to fly out into the world.

While there, I remember how we used to sit together for quite number of times thinking what to do next in each every move that was made. We were proud that you were very clear in a carefully thought out manner on what to do next. Hope you continue to think through clearly and take the next step, however big or small. The beauty of it all was the cool but firm thinking of Amma who made you realize that there are no free lunches in the world and everything has to be earned for – in other words, not to develop a sense of entitlement.

You have everything bestowed & going for you, thanks to the blessings of all elders in the family, Gurudev and Divine – Talent, Capability, Humaneness and Commitment. We are sure you will put it to good use and emerge with flying colors.

From all of us here Wishing you a very happy birthday young man. Have a great one! Happy Nineteen!

Have a lovely day dearest Vishnu. May the year ahead bring you loads and loads of happiness, joy and success. And this song – A perfect fit to the occasion