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Firstly, the world’s largest Democracy and its process need no backing of any one except Indian Voters, leave alone a Foreign rag which goes by the name “The Economist” For all we know this rag’s footprint across the world cannot beat the number of Voters participating in this mammoth Exercise. Thanks, but no Thanks for your offer, The Economics. India and Indians can do well without your backing and no one is dying for it.

Wonder of wonders! Even a foreign rag needs to rant on the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Sri Narendra Modi to increase its eyeball count is obvious from its attention seeking piece. (or definitely it needs some Indian’s money, if it was sponsored hit job). So who needs backing!!!

Since they chose to be economical with the truth, here is Sri Dinesh Ghodke, Director Outreach, Sri Sri University, Odisha – (Founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation) helping miserly Economist with some home truths. They also got to realize, Gone are the days when what is spoken or written by the Main Stream Media was the Gospel Truth. Supposedly watchdog of democracy almost always has become a faithful dog of the Government and unforgiving Social Media has emerged as the alternate media, ripping their lies apart.

A dose of Truth for The Economist

A little study of the article shows the following intentions of the writer, and thus the Economist.

It starts with deploring the Congress corruption, (just to appear unbiased) thereafter going on an unbridled rant on Modi. (so that future negative feedback is countered with, ‘but we have spoken against Congress also).


Mr Modi had helped organise a march on the holy site at Ayodhya leading to death of 2000 in Hindu-Muslim clashes is like saying The Economist let India’s Economic revolution in 1991 leading to millions of lives being benefitted. Cunning Economist, if you existed then, you were a tiny insignificant inconsequential negligible irrelevant part of the revolution.


The reason begins with a Hindu rampage against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, in which at least 1,000 people were slaughtered.

How cleverly misleading without it being a lie! If you ask a student preparing English comprehension for CAT to read the article and tell how many muslims died in Gujarat 2002, the answer will be ‘at least 1000’. The truth :  Statement made in Rajya Sabha by Congress Minister of State for Home Affairs on 10th May 2005 : 790 muslims and 254 Hindus . Just for the above statement, the Economist should be condemned for Journalistic terrorism, Nothing less.


The orgy of murder and rape in Ahmedabad and the surrounding towns and villages was revenge for the killing of 59 Hindu pilgrims on a train by Muslims.

Again, this suggests in no uncertain terms that only Hindus carried out orgy of murder of rape. Also what is conveniently missed is the fact that the gruesome burning of 59 Hindu men, women and innocent children was started by Haji Bilal, the Congress president of Godhra, which triggered a reaction from the Hindus, which in turn was countered by murder and rape by the Muslims too. Links for the same

  1. End of Hope (Para 15: specially)
  2. Shoot orders in many Gujarat towns, toll over 200 
  3. Rioters torch 50 shops at Revdi Bazaar 
  4. 9 convicted in post-Godhra riot case
  5. Post-Godhra riots: DNA test nails 4 killers



One reason why the inquiries into the riots were inconclusive is that a great deal of evidence was lost or willfully destroyed.

Many Muslims and Hindus have been convicted and incarcerated (including a BJP minister). But if Modi is given clean chit by a SIT (a team of specially selected experts by India’s Supreme Court), then the mal-intentioned Economist counters it with ‘evidence was lost of willfully destroyed’.

Laughable code of journalistic ethics! What about the evidence that was not destroyed, so diligently brought forth by Teesta Setalvad. Every single one of the 13 evidences of murder and orgy by Hindus, the Courts found to be carefully concocted by her and her NGO. (before which, she was duly given the Padma Bhushan by Congress GOI, to lend credence to her claims). Occassional evidences coming from Pradeep Sharma and Vanzara (given huge publicity by the anti-Modi media) have found to be eventually fabricated and false.

Some references on sources of The Economist’s truth

  1. Court snubs Teesta Setalvad for interfering in proceedings 
  2. Activist Teesta Setalvad plans High Court move to evade arrest after claims she misused riot relief funds
  3. D G Vanzara goes coy on exposing ‘real culprits’ behind fake encounters (Reasons not far to seek. Goes coy because no one to expose)
  4. Even CBI felts Vanzara would tamper: CBI is Central Government Controlled “Independent” 😉 agency
  5. Pradeep Sharma shown the door by court 

Just because Modi is proudly Hindu and he doesn’t play the communal, divisive or appeasement politics of the Congress, doesn’t make him anti-Muslim. This is in no uncertain terms amounts to saying Hinduism is anti-Muslim. (If at all, Islam can be said to be anti-other-religions because only a Muslim can go to Jannat, every one else is a Kafir). The mis-informed Economist should be publicly condemned for denigrating the oldest and most inclusive and pluralistic civilization of the planet, with its basis in Hinduism or more appropriately Sanatana Dharma. The Economist is well advised to read this piece: “Man and myth collide as Modi eyes final ascent to power  Clearly Communalism of Modi who never used the word “Hindu” – as per Outlook study of 68 speeches and used word “Development” >500 times doesn’t match up to The Economist’s standards of Sickularism.



He could put the pogroms behind him by explaining what happened and apologising. Yet he refuses to answer questions about them.

Has the ignorant Economist heard of Google or the World Wide Web. Or the SIT (Special Investigation Team) who grilled Modi not once or twice but 5 times. Everything has been explained, if only you care to listen or want to know! About apologizing, was George Bush asked to apologize for attacking 2 countries under false pretexts, killing millions of people? Besides why should Modi apologize for doing his best to contain the violence.  Would the founder of the Economist apologize for doing his best for starting the Economist. (actually this is a wrong analogy. I think he should, after reading the above article).

Just for the records, though he need not have apologized for having done his best:

  1. Myth: Narendra Modi never expressed sadness for the post-Godhra riots
  2. CM Narendra Modi’s appeal Telecast on Doordarshan on 28th February 2002 
  3. 140 killed as Gujarat bandh turns violent  (Where is Modi Blamed during those days? The blame game started at a later date when he became a super-performer)


Mr Modi has refused to wear a Muslim skullcap…

The childish Economist fails to grasp that difference between personal preference and respect and work he has done for the Muslim community. Since 2002, no riots have happened and the Muslim community feels safe and cared for in Gujarat. A chance visit to Gujarat (with an open mind, mind you), could clear the muddled Economist’s misconceptions. The Economist must have missed what real Muslim living in Gujarat has written on this topic:  Debunking the ‘facts’ on Narendra Modi and Muslims Of course there are bigger issues like Muslims refusing to sing our national song ‘Vande Mataram’. But well, I have never read about that in the Economist.


Earlier on in the article, the Economist mentions, In 2002 Mr Modi was chief minister and he was accused of allowing or even abetting the pogrom.

Credit where credit is due. This is true. Actually, this was true, in the past! Cut to current affairs (which is where I feel the prejudiced Economist got embroiled in history and failed to come to the present), Modi has been exonerated by the highest court in the country. And moreover on the day The Economist published those lies, Supreme Court of India Praises progress made by SIT

And even now, raking up the issue on the pretext of ‘evidence lost or destroyed’ could easily be held as contempt of court. Any lawyers would like to take that up?! 

The rest of the article just stretches the above mentioned nonsense babble. I must confess I am increasingly getting embarrassed to even acknowledge that I am an occasional reader of the Economist.

Resting the Matter!!!


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Don’t Mess with Hindus – A Report

Read the Report on Southern Region Patriotic Tweeples Conference held on 2nd December 2012 in Bangalore (Originally Published on

One of the greatest modern-day astronomers, the late Carl Sagan stated: “Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology”. Sagan was an atheist, so religion didn’t influence his findings. Another astronomer corroborated the accuracy of the Vedas by stating that the movements of the stars calculated 4,500 years ago, does not differ by a minute from the tables of today. While scientists have growingly come to acknowledge the Vedas, the basis of Hinduism and Hindu culture, it is our own ‘Fiberal’ Social Scientologists and the ‘Fiberals’ in the media who often heap the most abuse on Hindus and Hindu culture. Some are even ignorant which “invented” religions started the concept of killing for their faith.
Rajdeep Sardesai is a family-man. Like any parent he wants his kids to grow up in an India where no one kills in the name of religion. It’s a nice thought. John Lennon did ask to “Imagine no religion”. But what does Rajdeep have to say to parents who often shower abuse in public with statements like calling Lord Ram a “Divine Encroacher”? What does it teach children when someone calls “Indian males ugly”? What does Rajdeep say when a fellow media crook calls Ram a D***? What does it say about an Editorialist who runs an anti-Hindu channel? What does it say about Editorialists who didn’t report a single communal riot of the NINE in UP in the last 6 months? If Rajdeep wants an India free of religious violence he and his friends in the media must acknowledge that religious-violence wasn’t invented in India. It came from foreign deserts. Rajdeep’s deputy called people on SM “Internet Hindus” as a derogatory term. What does Rajdeep have to say? Well, far from feeling offended Hindus now wear that term as a proud badge much to her annoyance.
This post is not directed at Rajdeep but draws his attention to what he can correct without any help from anywhere. And now Hindus on the net and on the ground are starting to say “enough is enough”. People on Twitter, often called ‘Tweeple’ are now frequently gathering to discuss the media and other social and economic issues. One such meet was held in Bangalore on December 2, 2012 and promoted under the tag #SouthPTC. Prominent speakers were Subramanian Swamy (SS), S. Gurumurthy (SG), Prof. R. Vaidyanathan(RV) and MR Venkatesh (MRV). These gentlemen are well-known, well-respected and frequently appear on TV panel discussions. They were also joined by many Tweeple in making presentations. Here’s a report on the meet sent in by N. Suresh (@Surnell). The report is in Suresh’s own words and I have only edited it for length. Invite you to read:

Shivaratri – Union for Creation

It has been miracle galore as far as I am concerned (ever since I took my Art Of Living path seriously) – have repeatedly done 3 days of Absolute Blissful Silence (unthinkable for anyone who knows me) Rocks may absorb water, but Suresh can’t shut his gab would be their response, first up. It can be a fluke Once but remember! I did it so times now during my AOL’s Advanced Course. So it was by design and not by chance. Thanks to HH Sri Sri Ravishankarji life cannot get better (you can follow HIM on twitter :!/SriSri)

Now Now! hear me – another shocker! I am patting on my back as I am writing this. I concluded a day’s fasting successfully too last year. Again! people who know me would forward the same argument, Rock may absorb water but Suresh going hungry is a bigger Myth than those associated with Shivaratri. Anyways, I chose a great occasion of the holy Shivaratri to test my resolve. AOL Satsang teams rocked the city with melodious renditions of our Bhajans (I know it was enjoyed by the town because I have no reports of anyone receiving rotten eggs or chappals so far – nor did I get any ). Apart from the whole day’s fasting – I swear I had nothing but a few cups of TEA the whole day and night, I partook two Satsangs, 1 at a residence and another in a temple on the outskirts of the city (along with my Centre’s team).

This time my whole family was with me and my son so typical of him, stumped all of us asking us, “Why is it that none of our Boy Gods (he called it Boy God’s to mean Male God) have moustaches? All demons in my comics have Moustaches and look terrible” He was insisting me to knock my moutsaches off. Everyone around us were truly left speechless for a moment because, off hand the reply should have been, Bad Guys are shown with Moustaches – but for him his father was not bad (I agree with his views) For courtesy’s sake (and to my fortune) none replied to him that way.

And this Shivaratri (on 20th Feb 2012) with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar being in Art of Living International Ashram is going to be very special with a Maha Sudarshana Kriya being directly guided by HIM. Don’t miss the Shivaratri special Satsang – an evening filled with Music, Knowledge and Fun 🙂

So the question was left open for the night. Early this morning he was pestering us for an answer and I promptly went and blogged on my favourite e-hangout (I am sure I will find the answers to his question as soon as people start seeing this).

While at it let me put out the significance of the festival (just a reproduction of what my friends Mrs and Mr. Hiremath of Mississuagua, Toronto sent me)

Shivaratri and Shiva

  1. Auspicious festival of Mahashivaratri falls on the 13th or the 14th night of the new moon during Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Phalgun.
  2. The Sanskrit term, Krishna Paksha means the period of waning moon or the dark fortnight and Phalguna corresponds to the month of February – March in English Calendar.
  3. Shivaratri Festival is celebrated on a moonless night (Chaturdashi to Amavasya).

According to Hindu mythology,

  1. Shivaratri or ‘Shiva’s Great Night’ symbolizes the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  2. Many however, believe, Shivaratri is the night when Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Nritya – the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction.

Celebrating the festival in a customary manner

  1. Devotees give a ritual bath to the Lingam with the panchagavya .
  2. Celebrations of Shivaratri Festival mainly take place at night.
  3. Devotees of Lord Shiva throng Shiva temples across the country and spend ‘the Night of Lord Shiva’ by chanting verses and hymns in praise of the Lord.

Shivaratri Pooja has been given tremendous significance in Hindu mythology. It is said that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on a Shivaratri day pleases Lord Shiva the most. Devotees further believe that by pleasing Lord Shankara on the auspicious Shivaratri day, a person is absolved of past sins and is blessed with Moksha or salvation.

Merits of Shivaratri Puja

According to Shiva Purana, sincere worship of Lord Shiva yields merits including spiritual growth for the devotees. It also provides extensive details on the right way to perform Shivratri Puja. Shiva Purana further says, Performing abhisheka of Shiva Linga with six different dravyas including milk, curds, honey, ghee, sugar and water while chanting Sri Rudram, Chamakam and Dasa Shanthi pleases Lord Shiva the most.

According to mythology, each of these dravya used in the abhisheka blesses a unique quality .

· Milk is for the blessing of purity and piousness.

· Yogurt is for prosperity and progeny.

· Honey is for sweet speech.

· Ghee is for victory.

· Sugar is for happiness.

· Water is for purity.

Besides, worship of Lord Shiva on Shivratri is also considered to be extremely beneficial for women. The festival holds special meaning for the ladies.

They pray to Goddess Parvati also called ‘Gaura’, the giver of ‘suhag’ for good husbands, marital bliss and a long and prosperous married life.

While, married women pray to Shiva for the well being of their husbands and sons, unmarried women pray for a husband like Shiva, who is considered to be the ideal husband.

What is significance of Shiva Linga—“The Linga is just a symbol, a sign, an illustration, of the beginningless, the endless, the limitless – for it has no limbs, no face, no feet, no front or back, no beginning or end. Its shape is like the picture one imagines the Niraakaara (Formless) to be. In fact, linga means – leeyathe (that in which all forms and names merge) and gamyathe (that towards which all names and forms are proceeding, to attain fulfillment). It is the fittest symbol of the All-pervasive, the All-knowing, the All-powerful”.

A blog of mine without a story? Impossible So here is a mythological story as to how this practice of Shivratri Vrat came about:

Once there was a hunter, and he one day went into the forest to procure meat for his family by hunting some animal. He wandered up and down in the forest from morning till night in search of game but was unable to shoot any. At last, when night overtook him, he climbed up a Bael tree to escape from a wild animal that was pursuing him, being roused from its lair by the hunter. The animal was lying down at the foot of the tree quite certain that the man would fall down either from sleep or from exhaustion, and that he might eat him. The hunter, exhausted as he was from his exertions and hunger, wished to scare away the animal by throwing handful of bael leaves. These leaves dripping with water on account of the recent shower, fell on a Siva-Lingam that was near. The night happened to be the Maha-Sivaratri night. He had fasted during the whole day since he could not find anything to eat. The drenching rain constituted a bath and his action of throwing the bael leaves on the Siva-Lingam, the wor­ship of Siva on the Sivaratri night. Though his actions were not intentional to worship Siva, yet he is said to have gained heaven as he had observed the Sivaratri – Vratha unwittingly.

The basic principle underlying the observance of the Maha-Sivaratri Vratha appears to be to emphasize the fact that death is sure to follow birth, night is sure to follow day,Pralaya, active cosmic life and so on, and consequently people should always bear in mind while enjoying the one its opposite and regulate their life accordingly. They should not be elated at success nor should they allow themselves to be carried away by despair at failures but always have trust in God and worship him.

Namah Parvati Pathe! Har Har Mahadeo!!!

PS: The photograph is of Lord Shiva at Kemp Fort, Bangalore (very close to the Old Airport)