India will not break – Trust RSS

Yet another contributory article from Adv Anil Kappilil ji a practicing lawyer from Kochi. who has written a great piece, a real tribute as an Proud Indian. I agree with him 100% on each word he writes here. Here we go in his own words

It is always about Bharat Mata Swayamsevak

To begin with, let me make it clear that am not an RSS karyakarta or a member of any political party. I am proud to be a nationalist Hindu.

After getting political independence in 1947, there were several attempts to break India both from within and abroad. The first among them was the partition of India. The decades-long Congress rule accelerated and colluded in the efforts that witnessed not only breaking India geographically, financially, morally, philosophically and politically but also civilizationally. Because Congress had no vision other than power and loot inherited from their foreign predecessors.

So what and who enabled India to resist the attacks and catastrophic fall of the greatest nation? The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Hindutva ideology.

Pujyaneeya Sarsanghchala Mohanji Bhagwat – Vijayadashami Celebrations

None can break India because RSS is there. None can break RSS because of its core philosophy is Bharateeyata and Hindutva. And because every Karyakartha is self-driven swayamsevak and Pujyaneeya Sarsanghchalak is a Karyakarta of Sangha first and from top to bottom they enjoy the same responsibility and authority. RSS is like Sanatana Dharma which just exist and a way of life. No one can define it in a simple manner. Every Swayamsevak is highly disciplined and committed in every walk of their life dedicated to the cause of Bharat Mata and Dharma

The Discipline and Unity of Purpose – starts with small things like this

A careful scrutiny of the policies and legislations made during the Congress rule would reveal that they followed the British dogma of divide and rule India. While Congress reduced itself to a family organization of Nehru family RSS has grown itself as the largest Hindu Undivided Family Conglomerate revered and respected, accepted and assimilated by global polity.

RSS has global presence and it is more powerful and omnipresent than all super powers of the world. The political dwarfs cannot comprehend the might of RSS and their rhetorical barks are nothing but akin to weak howling of jackals at the full moon.!

When I say Hindutva I mean not the superficial definition of being known as a Hindu in birth certificate. Hindu is the one who is born to Dharmic couples and nurtured and nourished by dharmic values and practices them in life. Any person whose birth in any way of life or religion can become a true Hindu only when he practises a life that is predicated in various paths of Hindu dharma. But no person who is born to parents having Hindu names can be a true Hindu because he doesn’t practice Hindu dharma. Communists are not Hindus even though their names may suggest so. So are those who dont feel pride in calling Bharat as their mother land and respect her as Bharat Mata. Religious bigots have no place in this holy soil except for their burial and the epic stories have confirmed the perilous end of Ravans and other demonic characters. Remember, Hindu dharmma is the only civilization that allows anyone to be a non believer in God and yet be Hindu. Charvaka is treated on par with and revered as a great sage in Hindu dharma.

Confrontation through physical force is not the Hindutva way of dealing with adversaries. But it has the most poweful means of consolidation of any threat to the civilization. The Yogis are not ordinary mortals. The seven sages in the sky control even the umpteen number of galaxies.

India is unbreakable. Those who try to break or weaken this phenomenon, will get destroyed and erased completely. Because Karma is indestructible. RSS is indestructible because its foundation is for the good karma.

  • By Adv Anilkumar Kappillil
India and Indians are Safe – Trust a Swayamsevak

Disqualified – by Court

The text as received from Adv Shri Anil Kumar Kappilil, a practicing lawyer from Kochi. Who is responsible for Rahul Gandhi‘s disqualification? Not Narendra Modi ji, not Judiciary, not BJP.

It is CONgress and only CONgress which is squarely responsible .

The Only Truth on his Twitter account

CONgress knew that Rahul is a political liability. They encouraged him to speak utter nonsense against anything & anyone. Lacking common sense & good judgement they knew he would utter nonsense and one day land himself in trouble.

Extinct CONgress means end of career politricksters who once thrived during CONgress rule. They knew Rahul cannot be removed, sacrilege to even think removal of CONgress supremo Sonia’s son and with him around, it was certain that 2024 is the END!

This could well be their sinister plan to fix the thorn in the CONgress neck by sending him to jail and bank on sympathy for the party. It is not new for CONgress – in the past has successfully executed various unscrupulous strategies to grab power.

The cause and reasons for the assassinations of Rahul’s father and paternal grandma still remain unknown. But the effect we saw in both incidents is that they brought the Congress party back to power when it was almost got extinct.

Disqualification from Parliament in view of conviction in a criminal case for defamation is not political but legal issue. He should introspect that current hullabaloo of his party against Government is not going to go down well with people of India.

Clearly , Action as a result of a legal order

Some Congress leaders, kitchen cabinet of Sonia has portrayed Rahul as political incompetent systematically over time. Same coterie did to Rajiv in Bofors scam & IPKF that failed in Sri Lanka. Rajiv was nothing less than a politically naive person.

She should have completed this – A rap on his skull

Sonia and Rahul must be wary about the sinister games of the charlatans in their own party and the rants against Modi government are not going to get them back anywhere near to power again

Why is Sonia not realising this?

1. Sonia is not Indian culturally & emotionally to understand Indian political dharma sutras of Chanakya. Politics of Dharma is the core Indian Psyche and it is powerfully embedded in Indian culture and civilization.

2. She has no knowledge of the language of the majority Indians. Reading a scripted text has no emotional involvement which is exposed.

Inability to read Indian Pulse

3. Trust deficit. Sonia and her family that has made Congress a private enterprise has lost trust of Voters.

4. Out of 150 crore Indians, almost 130 support Narendra Modi because He speaks his heart extempore (and some think Teleprompters make one so talented to make such passionate presentation) followed by concrete actions.

And People are still searching for a Teleprompter – If you heard this address in Ayodhya, any True Hindu would know

Yes. Political illiteracy and sheer incompetence of Sonia & Co is no alternative for a leaping lion like India. People knew it a decade ago. And even your one time close aide Chiddu endorsed it too recently

India is Bharat and a Hindu Rashtra. More emotionally intelligent and competent than all super powers put together.



We are on Top of the World Because…

It is that time of the yet again, when things get a bit difficult, for I am lost for words to thank the Divine for the wonderful Gift who was sent down to the earth and to be my fellow passenger with me to celebrate her birthdays with me (this is 35th Birthday spent with me – No I am not going to reveal how many before that – I don’t want anything happening to me on a day like this)

For someone very very special, Dearest Aparna, May your Birthday be blessed with everything God wants to give you! Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone as special as you in one’s life… I’m one of the lucky few! May beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond. I hope your Birthday is awesome, wonderful, full of love and laughter… just like you!

When Cakes Come as Gift, You count it as Blessings and cut it at midnight.

Then it was a competition and choice for her to make. Who First! She found this way – Apple of our eyes. One Best gift she gave me apart from herself


The Formality got to be done!


My Share, after the Kids

Return Gift

Kiddo! Who made it special for her, apart from getting the new home in Order

Kiran, a permanent fixture – an invisible hand behind organizing every such celebration

Arun, she had to jump high to reach him!

We missed having Sindhu this year at the midnight, after nearly 13 or so birthdays. She is blissfully settled into her marital home and I am sure she terribly missed the evening too.

Now for my customary tribute! As always I have nothing else to add, year after year and after each birthday and wedding anniversary, except to say that it has only got better, like the wine. It has been an amazing journey for me with her presence. As they say in Mechanical Engineering, a perfect fit. People ask me how does it work, the relationship that kept blossoming, the love that multiplied, family and no of extended family getting larger and larger, yet what clicks and where do you find the time to nurture the relationship. My honest answer was “I don’t know! It is her and all credits to her”  For no rhyme or reason, it is simply working well and Thank Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of the Art of Living and also the Divine who chose to shower infinite blessings on me, by bringing her into my life.

No blues for anyone, if this woman in blue is around. Ask anyone who knows her

What makes her so special? What is that we all see in her that makes her a fantastic soul? It is the way she lives every moment. A wonderful human being! A great mum to biological and huge number of manasik ones, a lovely friend and wife to me, great sister to her brothers and so on. All the kids could not have asked for a better and no Non-Sense Mum!

What is exemplary is her commitment to fulfil what she has resolved to achieve. Examples galore on the persistence and diligent efforts that she invests, that is worth emulating for anyone. That is the kind of infectious quality she brings to those in her circle of influence.

If I were to emulate and advise anyone else what would be the best she has – her ultimate clarity on the priority – Absolutely unshakeable, selfless loyalty to the family and all her near ones.  I have never seen her frown whenever anyone has sought out for any help. Be it within or outside the family. In a dog eat dog world that is not a quality anyone finds so often. Thank you Aparna for being an example that all the kids and friends and myself can look up to, to try and live!

Happy birthday dear one my darling wife. Someday I hope to match up to what you are! Until then Love you loads and May God and Gurudev bless you with health, peace, happiness in abundance.

To sign off! My usual song dedicated to you – Top of the World