Two over a Score – Still Going Strong

When it all Began...
When it all Began…

As someone said “Silver Jubilee” is a big chunk of time in anyone’s life and hitting a major milestone which is a part of it, en route is significant. You may forgive me for my own sense of astonishment that with all my quirks my marriage with Aparna has raced past the “22 years Old’ sign. I have no hesitation to acknowledge with deepest gratitude that this memorable journey was garnished and sweetened with Founder of The Art of Living , Pujya Gurudev HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar‘s infinite and unconditional blessings.

Over the years
Over the years

Archies or Walmark couldn’t stock a card on their shelves to let you know how much I feel grateful for just being in our lives. So I ventured to make an attempt myself. Can I really describe it in mere words how special she is to me.No! My mind went blank and otherwise rich vocabulary appeared inadequate . This is a result of  countless backspaces/del buttons (my 17th Edit version is what has got published, says WordPress stats) as I was pretty sure there were better ways to appreciate & acknowledge what this amazing lady Aparna meant to me.

She Drives the Cart of Our lives
She Drives the Cart of Our lives

Friends and well wishers definitely congratulate me on the momentous occasion  but they recognize and give all the credits Aparna for this (rightly so). On the Financial year end, 31st March of 1991 at 12:21 pm when she walked on to a Mantap of a Wedding Hall in Dharwar, she never dreamt what she was getting into, but by God,she did win every single battle for us (me and children) and help us leap over every single obstacle, softening the landing absorbing al the pains, if any.

Many hundreds of my friends, their families and their friends, Children’s classmates and their parents would gladly testify the unbeatable and irresistible warmth of her hospitality – all this made commendable simply being a wonderful mother to 2 demanding children and a fussy “Me”

Thanks to her, we as a family couldn’t help but simply fall in love with her over and gain, every moment as she brought out the best in us. She definitely cannot be classified as being expressive in her love and but never once has anyone who has come across her, escaped her dragnet of love. That is Aparna for you.

The Extensions....
The Extensions….

On each birthday of my daughter (incidentally she was due on March 31st, on our wedding anniversary but missed it by 2 days to arrive on 3rd April) – My wish to her always, Grow up to be like your Amma, the one who is radiant and absorbent of light (not a stealer, I mean) and you will make me the most happiest father in the world. To my children I just always ask them to emulate the dignity of her ways and strength in her demeanour. And she is not the one to miss a single pulse, emotional upheavals or even a mood change and as always has a remedy that lightens and secures the environs.

She has been the core of ourexistence, and when I mentally step out, sit back and look at everything that she stands for, It is Pure Awe!!! At a stage in my life I couldn’t but help become passive recognizing the inspirational grandeur of this Woman and more my Friend than wife, Aparna I only thank the Divine for gifting me a soul mate who never once in this journey of 22 years made me feel alone.

All those moments above...
All those moments above…

No tribute is complete till I acknowledge her brilliant culinary skills – with almost any ingredient she has this ability today convert it to a Kingly meal – I have to say she has come a long way since 1991, when she did not even know that water is needed to cook rice in Cooker – on the days when I couldn’t cook it was always delicious Mosaranna (Curd rice) which was our staple diet.

Happy 22nd Anniversary Aparna, and Congratulations (and Kudos) for having made this possible. I (and Children and our friends) love you more than I have possibly written here. Thanks YOU for whatever you are.Love you loads and have a fantastic day! Wishing that we celebrate many many years of this day for ages to come and cross the 25 and 50 milestone (Yeah Brace up for the challenge 😉

If the Divine were to offer me a boon to change something in you, I would forgo that boon and continue to have you just as you are (except maybe requesting you to give that one extra serving of Ice-Cream or Panner Butter Masala)

We look up to you...
Where at you looking at? In fact, We look up to you…

With loads of love


Here is the Song, a favourite of yours (for Old times sake)

Symphony and Cacaphony

Let me set this blog to music with what His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has to say about “Music”

HH Gurudev Sri Sri Playing the Veena during Navratri
HH Gurudev Sri Sri Playing the Veena during Navratri

“Spirituality and music, together, can uplift people, get them out of depression and help them start a new life with enthusiasm. For a stress-free life, you have to embrace both these facets (spirituality and music).”

The Art of Living has laid a foundation stone for unity and harmony through a series of events.

He also said “In a place where there is music, where there is art, where there is dance, where there is meditation and yoga, how can there be violence there? Read more here


Now that the piece is set to Music, let me not sing the old tune and get into brass tacks right away … with a small Note of warning (LOL! No Warning Bells as yet)

You are Warned
You are Warned

When someone pointed out that it was quite a while since I blogged,  I tweeted about what would my next theme. Me who is always fit as a fiddle decided to be blow my horn with this Operatic effort & include all that jazz. A small inadvertent break for unfortunate reasons  (reasons explained later).

Musical Restroom
Musical Rest Room

And Lo! a blog idea came when I heard a TV Panelist (who is supposed to run some blog in support of a party) who  is capable of making chin music for hours at a time. And when he was recently relegated from Prime Channels to some side-kick ones it was music to my ears. Even there this guy incessant blabber is like an Elevator music and heard that the other panelists are not Bells on when he is on the drone and tries to pass it off as a Symphony.  While we all know clearly who calls the tune in his case 🙂

Music All Over
Music All Over

And when my thoughts were clear as a bell and almost ready to be published come the news of Hyderabad Blasts. I stopped the music and stopped the (word)Press  & decided to fine tune this blog and launch it today after pulling out all stops.  I could not afford to be seen as a person Fiddling while Rome burnt like our Home Minister who keeps changing the tune and together with his bosses have decided to sell our Nation for a song.  Media and these politicos decided to march to their own drum beat with no sense of order giving a damn to us despite they playing a jarring note. The entire opposition also seem to play a second fiddle and did they strike a chord with sentiments of nation at this crucial hour? A big No. A whistle-stop tour to the blast site, some sound-bytes to the media channels and then a curt “Whistle for peace” message to gullible public.

No Music this
No Music this

Did Music-Deaf authorities forget that on matters of national security, they cannot be whistling in the dark or issue cannot be played by the ear. It has to be an orchestra where every Note has to be Scripted in the sheet to create a symphony.

Despite all this the eternal Optimist that I am, I still keep whistling Dixie and still kiss my kids goodnight saying “See you on the big drum

Signing off with this lovely musical video Foo Fighters-Learn to Fly

PS: Photographs used in this piece belong to Respective Owners. If in any copyright infringement please let me know 

Confession of a Untroubled Soul

I was carrying this for more than 24 years now. And I had to say that out loud today. I can’t bear this anymore.

While I have nothing hidden from my Guru, His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of The Art of Living, this is something that I could never go and reveal to him. Not even to my wife of 21 years – who thought I was an open book and knew everything about me.

I had an intimate affair with this marvelous creation, even creator have undergone tremendous transformation.  I happened to chance upon her when her maker, for material reasons passed her on to a middle man. I simply had to have her, more out of the necessity of my age, blame it on the changes due to hormones.

The affair started that day. Not a single day has passed since August 1988 when I haven’t felt that warm, foamy and silky caress on my face.  Oh yes! not every day.  Save 41 days of Annual Vrat (penance) for Sabarimalai that I used to observe, Strict Brahmacharya was a norm. But I swear I used to pine that touch without which needless to say, I would appear unkempt and ruffled

A constant companion wherever I went, all over the world – the Hotels we stayed, the bathroom, the dressing table. I simply could not imagine not having her with me, for the same things she did since August 1988.

While this may not measure up to the letter or spirit of Sacrament of Penance and this blogsite is definitely no substitute  for a confessional, I nevertheless would like to seek healing of my soul and laughter to you. “Bless me readers, if I have sinned. It has been more than 24 years I have hidden this from all of you” As a token of penitence, and in the fond hope of redemption I reveal whom I have been cheating with. And with no intention to call it off. Look at her from every possible angle and Pardon me for I am still unable to abandon her as yet. Click the Bouquet to reveal it all.


I am sure you have got a word or two to say about my prized possession