Confession of a Untroubled Soul

I was carrying this for more than 24 years now. And I had to say that out loud today. I can’t bear this anymore.

While I have nothing hidden from my Guru, His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of The Art of Living, this is something that I could never go and reveal to him. Not even to my wife of 21 years – who thought I was an open book and knew everything about me.

I had an intimate affair with this marvelous creation, even creator have undergone tremendous transformation.  I happened to chance upon her when her maker, for material reasons passed her on to a middle man. I simply had to have her, more out of the necessity of my age, blame it on the changes due to hormones.

The affair started that day. Not a single day has passed since August 1988 when I haven’t felt that warm, foamy and silky caress on my face.  Oh yes! not every day.  Save 41 days of Annual Vrat (penance) for Sabarimalai that I used to observe, Strict Brahmacharya was a norm. But I swear I used to pine that touch without which needless to say, I would appear unkempt and ruffled

A constant companion wherever I went, all over the world – the Hotels we stayed, the bathroom, the dressing table. I simply could not imagine not having her with me, for the same things she did since August 1988.

While this may not measure up to the letter or spirit of Sacrament of Penance and this blogsite is definitely no substitute  for a confessional, I nevertheless would like to seek healing of my soul and laughter to you. “Bless me readers, if I have sinned. It has been more than 24 years I have hidden this from all of you” As a token of penitence, and in the fond hope of redemption I reveal whom I have been cheating with. And with no intention to call it off. Look at her from every possible angle and Pardon me for I am still unable to abandon her as yet. Click the Bouquet to reveal it all.


I am sure you have got a word or two to say about my prized possession