Time to Just Bee – PappuCII

Bee Sting for the Time-Beeing
Bee Sting for the Time Bee-ing

My day on the  Social Media on the day no one Bee-hive’d (errr… Behaved)

Keywords a.k.a  #PappuCII Phrases – You guys,Let me tell you why I am honored to be here,I lost it, Structure,Dropping Mail from Plane,Energy,Rani ki Jhansi

Sneak Preview of the infamous #PappuSpeech (I chanced upon this 2 hours before he actually spoke)

The Memorable Bee-Hive Speech Rehearsal
The Memorable Bee-Hive Speech Rehearsal

Visonary #PappuCII is going to reveal his vision for Corporate India today.

Bee-ing with a Myopic Vision
Bee-ing with a Myopic Vision

#PappuCII Bolo Bolo CEI Kisne laaya. Upar se usko CII kisne Banaya?

From Girish the Painter of Skyscrapers, what it took for Girish to Carpenter was 13 minutes of #PappuCII and misplaced speech

Ab Bolo Bolo *Rolling up the Sleeve* Girish ko Gorakhpur se Mumbai Kaun Laya? (Mera Chai ka Paisa bhi us-se maara 😉 #PappuCII

Another EPIC one was in New York he saw Yoga and all were Dancing Around. LOL! #PappuCII

#PappuCII RaGa or SoGa when she comes to the room at night early int he morning: Mi sto innamorando di @gurgooo

Mommaaa Ho fatto un buon lavoro! Tutti stanno godendo #PappuCII

And #NaMo in #SRCC respected his audience who were students. Not tried to patronize like #PappuCII who are industry captains

Mommmyyy…… baaahhhhwwwllll… guardate cosa è successo #PappuCII

#PappuCII – It was an insider hit job. #Shinde will order an investigation for sure

But funniest part of #PappuCII speech is when he said I haven’t received mails dropped from planes in a long time. When was it every done, Dude?

For @NDTV the best caption they could come up with for #PappuCII Video RaGa’s Kurta 😉 pic.twitter.com/jYAIj3PwB3

To Bee or Not to Bee in Kurta
To Bee or Not to Bee in Kurta

OK you Rightwing trolls. When #PappuCII said One person comes on the horse, with “Son” behind, he meant this.

Person on Horse and Son at the back
Person on Horse and Son at the back

Significant! Kris telling Questioners to introduce themselves during #AJCII (Arun Jaitley) whereas it was not the case during #PappuCII (means it was fixed)

#PappuCII Thanks for your time. I promise to come back again. Audience *Faints*

Audience Faints
Audience Faints

“Will go to elections under the leadership of Sonia & Manmohan Singh: After #PappuCII even @digvijaya_28 takes a jab here

Answer to the 2nd Question on Water and Waste Water during #PappuCII was rehearsed from here. Striking Similarity

Watch the Video - Striking Similarities
Watch the Video – Striking Similarities

New FabIndia Model for White Kurta Pyjama #PappuCII


13 years into the Century & #PappuCII says U R entering into Century of Complexity. Cannot resist watching that speech for its comical value

After an unusually sweaty day, rains in #Bengaluru now. Thunders and Lightning 🙂 #PappuCII impact. Girish boarded train to Bengaluru

Sunil Mittal rated #PappuCII best (brave of him) It is a Level 5 speech (on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the best, 5 avoidable?)

#PappuCII “One man cannot solve all problems” (and I heard a whisper thereafter “that one man is me”)

Sadistic (I know it was speech writer’s imagination) – #PappuCII telling Not Possible when Village woman told her son will be IAS officer?

ROFL! PC Chacko says #PappuCII meant this meant that. Then he could have simply told what he meant, No?

My Mother will come to my room at night early in the morning and say #PappuCII Beta Give me Poison

I hope the #MSM would telecast #ArunJaitlleyCII just so that #PappuCII is forgotten 😉 Save Pappu

After this EPIC #RaniKiJhansi  at #PappuCII I will “Pappu For Vote”

ROFL! Someone saying QnA was the best. Agree! Only issue, Question were good and Answers were good. But not related to each other #PappuCII

Even @JhaSanjay would have written a better speech than what #PappuCII delivered.

#PappuCII “Rani ki Jhaansi” .. ROFL! Sorry Sorry, it was “Tongue of Slip”

My Ex-Boss Sam Pitroda nurses  a big grudge against Pappu. Need Proof? He wrote the #PappuCII speech.

For something direct from the Bee’s (errr. Horse’s) mouth (Video Excerpts from the #PappuCII Speech – The Hilarious Address to the industry captains from the Bee-Keeper) – Full Speech can be viewed here

And the Boot Licker Award


True Suckup! Even before #PappuCII concludes @ashutoshibn7 tweets this. ROFL! He stopped speaking at 12:10

Bee-ing Ahead
Bee-ing Ahead

Here we go!!! @SagarikaGhose certifies Rahul Gandhi’s speech in #CII #PappuCII

Even the Cacafonix Bimbo thinks...
Even the Cacafonix Bimbo thinks…

#PappuCII Please Excuse @JhaSanjay for the typo

Oops... 3rd Class S(bee)ch
Oops… 3rd Class S(bee)ch

The Winner

World's Super Power Pales
World’s Super Power Pales

Parting Shot

@JhaSanjay It takes 4 days for you to decipher & write a piece abt #PappuCII Speech? It has been dissected & dismissed by Diggy in 2 days

Bee Patient... Let me make out ;) (no Puns)
Bee Patient… Let me make out 😉 (no Puns)

Finally a big thanks :

Thank SM! Else we would be reading that #PappuCII outdid #AJCII

Symphony and Cacaphony

Let me set this blog to music with what His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has to say about “Music”

HH Gurudev Sri Sri Playing the Veena during Navratri
HH Gurudev Sri Sri Playing the Veena during Navratri

“Spirituality and music, together, can uplift people, get them out of depression and help them start a new life with enthusiasm. For a stress-free life, you have to embrace both these facets (spirituality and music).”

The Art of Living has laid a foundation stone for unity and harmony through a series of events.

He also said “In a place where there is music, where there is art, where there is dance, where there is meditation and yoga, how can there be violence there? Read more here


Now that the piece is set to Music, let me not sing the old tune and get into brass tacks right away … with a small Note of warning (LOL! No Warning Bells as yet)

You are Warned
You are Warned

When someone pointed out that it was quite a while since I blogged,  I tweeted about what would my next theme. Me who is always fit as a fiddle decided to be blow my horn with this Operatic effort & include all that jazz. A small inadvertent break for unfortunate reasons  (reasons explained later).

Musical Restroom
Musical Rest Room

And Lo! a blog idea came when I heard a TV Panelist (who is supposed to run some blog in support of a party) who  is capable of making chin music for hours at a time. And when he was recently relegated from Prime Channels to some side-kick ones it was music to my ears. Even there this guy incessant blabber is like an Elevator music and heard that the other panelists are not Bells on when he is on the drone and tries to pass it off as a Symphony.  While we all know clearly who calls the tune in his case 🙂

Music All Over
Music All Over

And when my thoughts were clear as a bell and almost ready to be published come the news of Hyderabad Blasts. I stopped the music and stopped the (word)Press  & decided to fine tune this blog and launch it today after pulling out all stops.  I could not afford to be seen as a person Fiddling while Rome burnt like our Home Minister who keeps changing the tune and together with his bosses have decided to sell our Nation for a song.  Media and these politicos decided to march to their own drum beat with no sense of order giving a damn to us despite they playing a jarring note. The entire opposition also seem to play a second fiddle and did they strike a chord with sentiments of nation at this crucial hour? A big No. A whistle-stop tour to the blast site, some sound-bytes to the media channels and then a curt “Whistle for peace” message to gullible public.

No Music this
No Music this

Did Music-Deaf authorities forget that on matters of national security, they cannot be whistling in the dark or issue cannot be played by the ear. It has to be an orchestra where every Note has to be Scripted in the sheet to create a symphony.

Despite all this the eternal Optimist that I am, I still keep whistling Dixie and still kiss my kids goodnight saying “See you on the big drum

Signing off with this lovely musical video Foo Fighters-Learn to Fly

PS: Photographs used in this piece belong to Respective Owners. If in any copyright infringement please let me know 

We, the Philanthropists

My eyes popped up when I saw this headline while surfing on the web – “Salaried class : IT exemption limit raised” To my disappointment and utter sense of disbelief, I discovered when I read it the 3rd time that it was not a “:” but a “Want” in that headline. A classic case of “Mind read what it wanted not what the eyes saw”

Mind reads what it wants, not what eyes see
Mind reads what it wants not what eyes saw

After all,  it was “only” a demand from a lowly Class of downtrodden and roughshod population of this nation – the salaried class, as if they have any rights to demand.

When I walk into the Income Tax Department office, my heart swells with pride for what I do, the most philanthropic act anyone can do, in fact. Looking at those seated, snoring, behind their desks amidst the pile of files – I couldn’t help watch them with a glint in my eyes and wonder with pride, ” here are those folks in India that I feed, nourish and nurture”

Taxes that we Pay help a needy man catch up on sleep
Taxes that we Pay help a needy man catch up on sleep

And when over ambitious Justice Katju blames me for malnutrition, I obviously have reasons to take offense. And I distinctly remember I also fed this juvenile Katjus via my tax payment (even today feed him in the form of  post retirement doles, pension and position) and yet this thankless luminary debunks this and cites malnutrition. I would accept if he appears anything but malnourished, I am not speaking mentally malnourished here, for which I cannot be held responsible. Here is another friend Mediacrooks delivering the Justice that Justice demanded for 10000 killed in Gujarat.

And we have yet another Member of Parliament – the famous one whose “sweat” costed him a cabinet “seat”.  Do I pay my taxes to pay this Chivalrous MP who “takes a good 10 days (NaMo said this on 6th Feb 2013)” to discover that Air is not important and think of something else to pour (a Whiskey or Rum?) to make the glass full. Not surprised someone who has worked hard(ly) to earn that Sweat Equity for his “then” invaluable Friend.

Rejoinder for NaMo Half Glass Remark at #SRCC
Rejoinder for NaMo Half Glass Remark at #SRCC

As someone said, while Optimistic Tax Payer who saw the Glass Half full haggled with Pessimistic Tax Payer who saw it as Half empty, an Opportunist mixed his drink and walked away evading his taxes (not naming since he is already busy suing a famous journalist and why add myself into his “To-Be-Sued” list)

I have some serious doubts on how my Tax money is spent.  Why should I pay for upkeep of Mughul Gardens just for the enjoyment of  the “One” who has been rewarded by Tax Collector (Government) as a perquisite for favor done earlier?  Just an old couple who are past their prime to enjoy them, walking with a bunch of guests who drop in once in a while all for free.

Mughal Gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan
Mughal Gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan

Why not ask them to “pay and use” like our Sulabh Shouchalayas. I am sure it is not as taxing for them as it is for me to pay for it

Unlike Rashtrapti Bhavan this place keeps my neighbourhood clean
Unlike Rashtrapti Bhavan this place keeps my neighbourhood clean

I was travelling in Mangalore some time back. Saw that Government has hired so many life guards, again paid by taxes we pay. I am not forcing those going for a swim and why the heck should I pay to pull them out of troubled waters? Let those who want to go for a swim realize that every action has its consequences and cannot be spoilt by this Nanny Government at my cost.

Panambur Beach - Rocky & Dangerous
Panambur Beach – Rocky & Dangerous
The Samaritans who risk their lives to save others' lives
The Samaritans who risk their lives to save others’ lives & I pay for it

We are slowly becoming a nation of entitlement. Free Water supply in  Bengaluru‘s Lalbaugh  is another such overindulgence. Early morning joggers (Yes they have united under the banner of Lalbagh Walker’s Association) come there to enjoy their freebie at taxpayer’s expense (During later hours there is an entrance fee) and if they feel thirsty let them carry their water bottles (and not litter the place with empty ones – cleaning up for which I pay again)

Glass House, Lalbagh, Bengaluru
Glass House, Lalbagh, Bengaluru

Now that I have given very few examples to buttress my point, Increasing Taxes or the exemption limit is no solution. NO TAXES is the solution. We are a nation who probably spend more to collect our taxes than the tax amount itself. Do away with them. Anyway we are taxed on every item that we buy. Go after those big fishes. Taxes from just 100 of them, who anyway pay pittance as as taxes are enough to take care of the nation. Salaried Middle class has been more than philanthropic till date. Spare us now. Finance Minister of UPA please note the above. In case you are not able to do anything much, pass this on to Finance minister of the NDA.

Until then let me go and meditate to find my Solace in His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‘s The Art of Living Ashram hoping against hope that I see a NO-TAX regime.

Sunset Through Vishalakshmi Mantap is The Art of Living Ashram
Sunset Through Vishalakshmi Mantap is The Art of Living Ashram