Heart of Gold

It is 10,227 to this day when I carried the best bundle of joy, a precious Gift that I ever carried in my arms – just seemed that the entire family waited for that day for lifetime to see her appearance into the world. The first Girl of the family in generations and how lucky we are to be her parents, uncle, aunt, cousins and most importantly Grandmother. (I so badly want to add Arun into the equation but then let me confirm if he really is :-P)

A lot of what I write here maybe a repeat, because she never ceased to be the great human being she was ever since she came along – it only got better? To write instances will need Terrabytes of webspace, but suffice to say “Trust me, ask anyone who has crossed her path – what I said is truth and nothing but truth”

From that day on 3rd April 1993, to a being a bride last year and first Birthday as a wife, you have grown gracefully into an amazing young (and beautiful – my genes you see) woman. You are that human being that I often wished I could be. You are beautiful, confident, smart, and well-liked by everyone.

This was the journey so far. My Precious one in my Arms at 28 hours and 28 years

Thank you Divine, for this wonderful gift – Akhila a.k.a. Divya – who has been more a friend than a daughter. It is always tough to write my heart out in limited abilities with words – because there is so much to write and to choose some is a challenge when it comes to writing about you. To start with, incredibly proud of you darling for the way you managed our expectations, by and large exceeded meeting it. You made up more than for small little disappointments when in the rare event you did not meet it. Looking back, it was great that you yourself set such a high expectations on yourself, which means you never ever felt you are undeserving of anything great that the creation has on offer.

As I have kept saying, I only pray that you continue to remain as confident and experiment. Best learning we all drew from you is not to be afraid of making mistakes. Many doors opened due to that, a lot of lessons learnt making you even greater person. As some wise man (don’t know why it has to be a man always :-P) said mistakes create the path to the amazing life one can aspire for later.

Isn’t it a great virtue of how you make friends and people are so easily drawn to you – highly magnetic feature that is everyone’s envy. You can go to a God forsaken place, half way across the globe, or into a desert, where you know nobody, yet I am sure you will come back with loads of new friends (and yet a few more of Whatsapp groups, Amma would say this). No adversity has ever dragged you down as we saw over the years. Just shed the moment and keep moving forward. I pray to the Divine that all these characteristics are never lost on you ever.

You are the best daughter, best grand-daughter, niece, sister, cousin, friend and now (assumedly) a great wife too. Keep smiling like you do while you make light of navigating the worst and most choppy seas of challenges. The way you, Arun and Vishnu managed along with everyone in the family those days when a lot of us were down with Covid, was simply unbelievable. Made it so easy for all of us to come out of it unscathed. Those words you wrote after it was over (in a week) was very touching – not showing any worry outside but what you were going through was so evident in that FB/Insta post. WoW Darling – You are unmatchable

Loads and loads of love from all of us here

Happy birthday Di, my beautiful and invaluable Friend! It’s still unbelievable that it is 28 summers ago on this day that we met for the first time – as a few minutes old, 3.1kg lively “staring” bundle. Keep your chin high and stay happy and progress in life retaining all those great traits that you possess. I love you more than you will ever know. Have a lovely day and a great year ahead.

From Grateful Dad

On this special day, here is my pick for you (or rather for me)

Hey Coolest 20 YO!

Yes! He is one of the coolest 20 Year Old (YO) that I have seen (other than me at that age) ! Honestly, you make 20 appear surprisingly great. Some wise man said, Life begins at forty and you are half way there.

Enjoy the rest of the journey and I am sure the  poster content is not the case with you. You are stepping into the most exciting phase of your life as you bid a permanent Goodbye to the Teenage! I am also very sure that you would turn out to be great

Happy 20th Birthday Dearest Vishnu, .. I think today you should leave all your jobs and you should enjoy the time with many wishes that everyone send. May always prosperity, health and happiness follow you

It is great to be a loving son, brother, nephew, friend, grandson and every relation possible, which you are, everyone who have crossed  your path would vouch. But what makes you unique is that you have been a great human being. To get a bit preachy! Whatever happens, never lose that characteristics of yours. When world gives up on goodness, it is examples like you that restores faith.

As you move into the twenties, my prayer for you is soar high, lighten up others’ lives and your’s too in the journey. Wishing you all the very best and a great birthday. May God and Guru bless you every moment of the year ahead and beyond and give you best of happiness and peace. May all your dream come true

What are you thinking, wear the party hat, and change into celebratory wear. Have a whale of time and YO!!!

PS: I can’t believe my little boy that I used to carry hours after birth in my arms is now a MAN! On this day, I pray that God guide your every footstep and protect you

Now from all of us here:

Happy 20th birthday, son and brother! Although you have grown into a man, to us, you’ll always be our adorable little angel. We love you so much and wish you nothing but the best in life. Happy birthday!

And a special one here