Satyameva Jayate: Truth Alone Triumphs

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Author: Narendra Modi

December 27, 2013

My dear sisters and brothers,

The law of nature is that Truth alone triumphs – Satyameva Jayate. Our judiciary having spoken, I felt it important to share my inner thoughts and feelings with the nation at large.

The end brings back memories of the beginning. The devastating earthquake of 2001 had plunged Gujarat into the gloom of death, destruction and sheer helplessness. Hundreds of lives were lost. Lakhs were rendered homeless. Entire livelihoods were destroyed. In such traumatic times of unimaginable suffering, I was given the responsibility to soothe and rebuild. And we had whole heartedly plunged ourselves into the challenge at hand.

Within a mere five months however, the mindless violence of 2002 had dealt us another unexpected blow. Innocents were killed. Families rendered helpless. Property built through years of toil destroyed. Still struggling to get back on its feet from the natural devastation, this was a crippling blow to an already shattered and hurting Gujarat.

I was shaken to the core. ‘Grief’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Misery’, ‘Pain’, ‘Anguish’, ‘Agony’ – mere words could not capture the absolute emptiness one felt on witnessing such inhumanity.

On one side was the pain of the victims of the earthquake, and on the other the pain of the victims of the riots. In decisively confronting this great turmoil, I had to single-mindedly focus all the strength given to me by the almighty, on the task of peace, justice and rehabilitation; burying the pain and agony I was personally wracked with.

During those challenging times, I often recollected the wisdom in our scriptures; explaining how those seating in positions of power did not have the right to share their own pain and anguish. They had to suffer it in solitude. I lived through the same,experiencing this anguish in searingly sharp intensity. In fact, whenever I remember those agonizing days, I have only one earnest prayer to God. That never again should such cruelly unfortunate days come in the lives of any other person, society, state or nation.

This is the first time I am sharing the harrowing ordeal I had gone through in those days at a personal level.

However, it was from these very built up emotions that I had appealed to the people of Gujarat on the day of the Godhra train burning itself; fervently urging for peace and restraint to ensure lives of innocents were not put at risk. I had repeatedly reiterated the same principles in my daily interactions with the media in those fateful days of February-March 2002 as well; publically underlining the political will as well as moral responsibility of the government to ensure peace, deliver justice and punish all guilty of violence. You will also find these deep emotions in my recent words at my Sadbhavana fasts, where I had emphasized how such deplorable incidents did not behove a civilized society and had pained me deeply.

In fact, my emphasis has always been on developing and emphasizing a spirit of unity; with the now widely used concept of ‘my 5 crore Gujarati brothers and sisters’ having crystallised right at the beginning of my tenure as CM itself from this very space.

However, as if all the suffering was not enough, I was also accused of the death and misery of my own loved ones, my Gujarati brothers and sisters. Can you imagine the inner turmoil and shock of being blamed for the very events that have shattered you!

For so many years, they incessantly kept up their attack, leaving no stone unturned. What pained even more was that in their overzealousness to hit at me for their narrow personal and political ends, they ended up maligning my entire state and country. This heartlessly kept reopening the wounds that we were sincerely trying to heal. It ironically also delayed the very justice that these people claimed to be fighting for. Maybe they did not realize how much suffering they were adding to an already pained people.

Gujarat however had decided its own path. We chose peace over violence. We chose unity over divisiveness. We chose goodwill over hatred. This was not easy, but we were determined to commit for the long haul. From a life of daily uncertainty and fear; my Gujarat transformed into one of ShantiEkta and Sadbhavana. I stand a satisfied and reassured man today. And for this, I credit each and every Gujarati.

The Gujarat Government had responded to the violence more swiftly and decisively than ever done before in any previous riots in the country. Yesterday’s judgement culminated a process of unprecedented scrutiny closely monitored by the highest court of the land, the Honourable Supreme Court of India. Gujarat’s 12 years of trial by the fire have finally drawn to an end. I feel liberated and at peace.

I am truly grateful to all those who stood by me in these trying times; seeing through the facade of lies and deceit. With this cloud of misinformation firmly dispelled, I will now also hope that the many others out there trying to understand and connect with the real Narendra Modi would feel more empowered to do so.

Those who derive satisfaction by perpetuating pain in others will probably not stop their tirade against me. I do not expect them to. But, I pray in all humility, that they at least now stop irresponsibly maligning the 6 crore people of Gujarat.

Emerging from this journey of pain and agony; I pray to God that no bitterness seeps into my heart. I sincerely do not see this judgement as a personal victory or defeat, and urge all – my friends and especially my opponents – to not do so as well. I was driven by this same principle at the time of the Honourable Supreme Court’s 2011 judgement on this matter. I fasted 37 days for Sadbhavana, choosing to translate the positive judgement into constructive action, reinforcing Unity and Sadbhavana in society at large.

I am deeply convinced that the future of any society, state or country lies in harmony. This is the only foundation on which progress and prosperity can be built. Therefore, I urge one and all to join hands in working towards the same, ensuring smiles on each and every face.

Once again, Satyameva Jayate!

Vande Mataram!

Narendra Modi

@MPNaveenJindal Shares Suspicious Document

On a day when Supreme Court delivered a landmark verdict  allowing Voters to cast negative vote, some folks jumped to take credit. First amongst them was MP Naveen Jindal, Kuruksetra MP. He tweeted (screenshot below) claiming credit  (indirectly albeit) that they had made a “Recommendation” and shared a Law ministry document through the tweet.


While this is not a judgement on veracity of this MP, Naveen Jindal’s Claim, something is definitely amiss here.

This document shared contains suggestions received from various quarters, by “no means indicates or proves” it was forwarded or recommended to any forum for implementation (that is what is implied).

Second, this document created on 1/1/2003 (Now, we can definitely hear a rebuttal that it was created on system, whose RTC was corrupt, LOL!). Everything about that document looks shady…


Document created in Jan 2003

The very first suggestion is from Shri Naveen Jindal, “MP (Lok Sabha)” whose first Lok Sabha stint started only in 2004.

NavinJindalSharedDocument-02Will the Hon’ble MP clarify? BTW! It was a day to bash up their own Prime Minister. The CONgress party Vice President Rahul Gandhi also trashes an ordinance moved by his own Government. So a day to salvage (more like create one) image and usurp credits and blame everything on this Prime Minister.

Majority or Minority

Travelling back to my erstwhile Karmabhoomi, Chennai was a great experience – it was a mixture of experiences. 5th Anniversary celebrations of a local Information Centre of Art of Living that would remain etched in my minds for a long long time, meeting a whole lot of friends, a giant leap on my career front were the highs. The lows had to follow to prove the universal law “Opposite Values Co-Exist” true and what a low these were.

Check this Editorial of “The Hindu” on 03rd October 2007

The All-knowing moral guardian in the Editor sits in Judgement while he says that Judges sometimes speak too much while this was exactly what was being done by this Editorial. While it is nobody’s case that Supreme Court Judge may or may not have over-reacted, even the parchment called “The Hindu” also speaks even more many a times. And speak worse .

Sample the examples, 2 instances are cited to buttress their hackneyed argument and not surprisingly both were related to BJP and clearly anti-majority. No one in this country calls and gets away with Bandhs and hartals more than communists in Kerala and this does not seem to find any attention to this Secularist Editor. While the people of Kerala have accepted bandhs/hartal as normal as their ablutions, quoting a single instance, read this

For example, in recent years the Bharatiya Janata Party and the saffron brigade have called for, conducted, and got away with several attempted bandhs. A case in point is the August 27, 2007 Hyderabad bandh protesting against the terror strike at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat. And what about other forms of protest actions? Will the Supreme Court rule on what kind of constitutional animal is a ‘rail roko,’ of the kind the BJP State unit staged in Hyderabad in September 2007 against the Sethusamudram project? Does it fall under the definition of a general strike or a hartal or a bandh? Is it constitutional? As political leaders have observed, the logical consequence of the Supreme Court’s unevenly implemented ban on bandhs will be a ban on all protest actions and the right to strike. If that happens, the highest court in the land will itself be responsible for the trampling on fundamental rights that its 1998 judgment warns against.”

So much for the unbiased reporting from the secularists of this great nation. Even worse, to prop up their mindless opinion, the whole lot of “Letters to the Editors” were filled with letters agains the Supreme Court Judgement, supposedly written by readers. Their funders apparently wanted to convey some message through this SECULAR MEDIA HOUSE. The anti-majority tirade resembles the Newhouses of China – only difference being that they are enslaved by the Party and in case of this great Newspaper by their Foreign Funders (I am sure it needs no mention as to which organization funds their operations and writes their editorials). Way to Go!!! At this rate, I am sure The Hindu will need to hire staff to write “Letters to the Editors” since readers are bound to move away from them in the absence of objectivity. Knowing the media industry from within, I know a thing or two about what I just wrote here. The only insitition that this citizenry of this great nation can safely bet on are the Courts and taking potshots should not be tolerated. Oh yes!!! Mr. Ram My faith in God more specifically Lord Ram has gone infinitely high – despite creeps of your kind (remember when you went into hiding apprehending arrest, so much for your bravery) this great Nation survived and would survive – I cant find a logical explanation apart from assuming some supernatural stuff is at play here. Do you need any more proof than this?

“The Hindu” is anything but Hindu. Jai Hind!!!

The picture is the one taken during a vacation that we took to Kerala (Holiday is a norm in this place, thanks to the hartals and bandhs)