@MPNaveenJindal Shares Suspicious Document

On a day when Supreme Court delivered a landmark verdict  allowing Voters to cast negative vote, some folks jumped to take credit. First amongst them was MP Naveen Jindal, Kuruksetra MP. He tweeted (screenshot below) claiming credit  (indirectly albeit) that they had made a “Recommendation” and shared a Law ministry document through the tweet.


While this is not a judgement on veracity of this MP, Naveen Jindal’s Claim, something is definitely amiss here.

This document shared contains suggestions received from various quarters, by “no means indicates or proves” it was forwarded or recommended to any forum for implementation (that is what is implied).

Second, this document created on 1/1/2003 (Now, we can definitely hear a rebuttal that it was created on system, whose RTC was corrupt, LOL!). Everything about that document looks shady…


Document created in Jan 2003

The very first suggestion is from Shri Naveen Jindal, “MP (Lok Sabha)” whose first Lok Sabha stint started only in 2004.

NavinJindalSharedDocument-02Will the Hon’ble MP clarify? BTW! It was a day to bash up their own Prime Minister. The CONgress party Vice President Rahul Gandhi also trashes an ordinance moved by his own Government. So a day to salvage (more like create one) image and usurp credits and blame everything on this Prime Minister.