@MPNaveenJindal Shares Suspicious Document

On a day when Supreme Court delivered a landmark verdict  allowing Voters to cast negative vote, some folks jumped to take credit. First amongst them was MP Naveen Jindal, Kuruksetra MP. He tweeted (screenshot below) claiming credit  (indirectly albeit) that they had made a “Recommendation” and shared a Law ministry document through the tweet.


While this is not a judgement on veracity of this MP, Naveen Jindal’s Claim, something is definitely amiss here.

This document shared contains suggestions received from various quarters, by “no means indicates or proves” it was forwarded or recommended to any forum for implementation (that is what is implied).

Second, this document created on 1/1/2003 (Now, we can definitely hear a rebuttal that it was created on system, whose RTC was corrupt, LOL!). Everything about that document looks shady…


Document created in Jan 2003

The very first suggestion is from Shri Naveen Jindal, “MP (Lok Sabha)” whose first Lok Sabha stint started only in 2004.

NavinJindalSharedDocument-02Will the Hon’ble MP clarify? BTW! It was a day to bash up their own Prime Minister. The CONgress party Vice President Rahul Gandhi also trashes an ordinance moved by his own Government. So a day to salvage (more like create one) image and usurp credits and blame everything on this Prime Minister.

8 thoughts on “@MPNaveenJindal Shares Suspicious Document

  1. Aashish Suneja September 27, 2013 / 8:18 pm


    I really admire your technical skills. But before writing this blog entry, I wish you would have used some of your logical skills as well!

    I just googled and found the source of this document.

    Step 1- Log into Ministry of Law and Justice’s Website

    Step 2- Click on the option “National and Regional Consultation on Electoral Reforms” (http://lawmin.nic.in/legislative/ereforms/ereforms.htm)

    Step 3- Click on the first link ” The Gist of the suggestions and the points raised in the regional consultations to bring comprehensive electoral reforms ”

    Step 4 – A document will open. Now, under point no four, click on gist of suggestions hyperlink

    Step 5 – Bingo. The document is real and your allegations completely baseless.

    Step 6 – Start googling before commenting.

    Good luck.

  2. Ensures September 27, 2013 / 9:15 pm

    Brilliant! I share a document link and you give it back to me the traces!!! LOL! Suneja, you should read the blog before you offer your Free “needless” tips.

    The blog is all about that very Document from “Law ministry site” (obvious by the mouse-over link it has indicated on the screenshot of the tweet & also in the 1st paragraph of the blog itself). That document of “Sarkar” is what appears shady
    1) The date of creation Jan 2003
    2) 1st suggestion by MP Naveen Jindal (who became MP only in 2004)

    No one is suspecting the source of the document, it is the contents that are shday

    Got it?

  3. Aashish Suneja September 27, 2013 / 9:26 pm

    a) Sorry, you didn’t share this document. MP Naveen Jindal did it.

    b) If you found the document of Sarkar to be shady, why are you asking clarifications from MP Naveen Jindal?

    c) The regional consultations started in 2010. He gave these suggestion after that, when he was an MP. Whats your point here? Why are your targeting him?

    Why don’t file an RTI with ECI or Ministry of Law and Justice and see for yourself that he sent in his suggestions including the one on negative voting?

    • Ensures September 27, 2013 / 9:34 pm

      Yeah! Now, this is very different from your original Lessons on “Googling” Now you are getting to the point. Yes Navin Jindal shared it is the Whole Point. And that document that he shared appears shady in the Bigger Point. Got that!
      Yes, when I share a document claiming credits to myself, I am obliged to answer, No?

  4. Aashish Suneja September 27, 2013 / 9:44 pm

    LOL. Its a link available on Ministry of Law and Justice’s website. So, its a publicly available document. You are convicting him for sharing a publicly available document (shared by the ministry itself!). Seriously? You need a break man. Must have been working too hard lately.

    • Ensures September 27, 2013 / 9:48 pm

      LOL??? Is this blog about Privacy of a document? Or on the contents? From Lessons on Googling to Privacy Setting all yor comments have nothing to do with blog content. Who needs A BREAK?

    • Aashish Suneja September 27, 2013 / 9:49 pm

      and if you find this document shady, try reaching out the Ministry, which shared this document! Why take on someone who has not created this document?

      File and RTI and get the details! or try connecting the MP office for a copy of this letter before making serious allegations. These things dont suit a man of your “virtual” stature!

  5. Vinod October 8, 2013 / 10:57 pm

    ha ha Sureshji CON party does not take responsibility. Don’t you know that they have perfected the “art of hypocrisy”? 🙂

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