Yashwant Sinha – Hate Blinds Him

When Former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha wrote a piece in The Indian Express, he forgot a golden rule – to verify facts. When you are in extreme level of hatred towards someone, you miss basic verifiable data as friend Kiran KS points out in his Facebook Post which is reproduced below verbatim except for some formatting edits

I read Yashwant Sinha’s article on Indian Express. Anti Modi gang in full celebration mode. But let’s do some fact check..

Pic 1) Yashwant Sinha says “Private investment has shrunk as never before in two decades”.
Fact: 2016 PE investment at 10 year PEAK!
{Source: Business World}

Pic 2) Yashwant Sinha: “industrial production has all but collapsed”.
Fact: IIP is healthy b/w 2014 and 2016. Picking up again this quarter.
{Source: Trading Economics}

Pic 3) Yashwant Sinha:: “agriculture is in distress”.
Fact: Kharif and Rabi production in India is at its highest level ever!!
{Source: IBEF}

Pic 4) Yashwant Sinha: “construction industry, a big employer of WF, is in the doldrums”.
Fact: Iron & Steel consumption at record high!
{Source: IBEF}

Pic 5) Yashwant Sinha: “the rest of service sector is also in the slow lane”.
Fact: 39% growth in IT services over 3 years!!
{Source: TheDollarBusiness}

Pic 6) Yashwant Sinha: “exports have dwindled, sector after sector of the economy is in distress”
Fact: Exports growing even after demonetization!
{Source: Trading Economics}

I will stop here. Yashwant Sinha missed the facts badly in an effort to target Arun Jaitley directly and Narendra Modi indirectly.

First @VHSIndia Convenors’ Meet – Chennai

On January 26th 2015, Dr Subramanian Swamy, National Convenor of Virat Hindustan Sangham had convened a meeting of all State Convenors and special invitees in Chennai. The day began with customary Flag hoisting on the occasion of Republic Day, by Dr Swamy followed by singing of the National Anthem by the delegates and volunteers.

20150126_103644 (320x240)

 20150126_103653 (240x320)

The meeting began with a Welcome by Sri Jagdish Shetty, National Co-Ordinator, who gave an overview of the activities so far after launch of Virat Hindustan Sangham.

20150126_124504 (320x240)

Apart from the State Convenors, the meeting saw attendance of Special Invitees, Sri Kalyanaraman, Sri MR Venkatesh, Sri Chellappan, Sri TR Ramesh and popular tweeples who have been avid supporters of Dr Swamy and VHS

20150126_121643 (320x240)  IMG_20150126_113733 (320x180)

This was followed by Self-introduction of all the State Convenors and status of registrations and other activities in respective states.

20150126_115010 (320x240) 20150126_114729 (320x240)     20150126_120054 (320x240) 20150126_120201 (320x240) image_2 (320x240) image_1 (320x240)

Dr Swamy in his opening address re-emphasize the agenda and objectives of Virat Hindustan Sangham and clarified that VHS is BJP friendly party and also encouraged those inclined to even offer their candidature in the organizational elections of BJP.

20150126_120637 (320x240) 20150126_125829 (320x240)

20150126_125838 (320x240) 20150126_125841 (320x240)

Every activity of VHS shall complement the agenda and activities of BJP and other units of the Sangha Parivar. The objectives and Five dimensions of a Virat Hindustan to usher in a National Renaissance:

  • Rediscover the Identity of an Indian,
  • Project the correct Indian history,
  • Promote Sanskrit as a link language,
  • Integral Humanism as an economic philosophy, &
  • Ram Rajya as model for good Governance

Dr Swamy further reiterated his oft repeated philosophy, success is all about mindset and not numbers. 1000s or Lakhs with a wrong mindset will never succeed as a few with the right kind of mindset. That is what Virat Hindustan Sangham strives to achieve in youths, especially educated tech savvy youth who have to be provided with a direction for National renaissance & also to counter sense of false history they have been educated with. It is thus very important at this juncture to provide authentic information, and instil a sense of pride on our ancestry and heritage

Dr Swamy further recommended every one to learn one additional script other than their own and the easiest and preferred one would be Devnagari. We also need to propagate and popularize Sanskrit as a language to provide that vital unadulterated link across the diverse nation. It has also been proven by the western world that Sanskrit as a computing language is most suited than any other.

Having set the mood of discussion it was left to the delegates to discuss and arrive at concrete action plans to realize these objectives in the interest of the Nation.

Sri TR Ramesh, Sri Chellappan, Sri Ramesh Sethuraman also shared their thoughts on the potential issues that could be on our agenda and actions thereof. Temple worshippers society, engagement with sympathetic Media Professionals and Making E-Learning materials of our authentic history at affordable costs was on the immediate agenda.

20150126_120629 (320x240)  20150126_123843 (320x240)

20150126_121317 (320x240)  20150126_123624 (320x240)

Sri Kalyanaraman then addressed the delegates and emphasized on the urgency and need for an organization like VHS to bridge the gaps in the coverage by the Sangha Parivar units.

20150126_132235 (320x240) 20150126_132238 (320x240)

20150126_132239 (320x240) 20150126_133724 (320x240)

Lunch break was in itself an eventful affair. Time to catch up with my Chennai Friends while feasting on the delicacies on offer, thanks to Chandralekha ji and team

20150126_140435 (320x240) 20150126_141710 (320x240)

Post lunch, the discussion was held on organizational matters, including renomination of State Convenors as State Presidents,  appointment of Vice President, General Secretaries and Treasurer. A State Executive committee and nominees to National Executives was also discussed & finalized. This organizational structure would be replicated down to booth level in the days to come. The meeting further discussed on identifying and setting up various functional Cells to focus on specific Professional groups.

20150126_151912 (320x240) 20150126_151922 (320x240)

It was also decided that the National Executive would be held on 28th February 2015 or 1st March 2015 in New Delhi. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks with a special mention to Chandralekha ji and her team who hosted this meet flawlessly, including lunch and refreshments

IMG_20150126_152636 (320x180)   IMG_20150126_152909 (320x180)

AAP ki Adalat

Sharing what dear friend Sameer Sathe (Clicking on the name takes you to his Facebook profile) posted as a response on a post of mine. Posting it here for a wider audience

All my dear friends who are supporting AAP genuinely with good intention or expectation that AAP will bring change n transformtaion etc etc. My genuine request to all of you…do some neutral n sensible research on following points to find out the truth , ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Find out the credibility of people in/around AAP  viz. Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Medha Patkar, Binayak Sen, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas and even Arvind Kejriwal.  Find out their background their ideologies and cuases n people they have supported in their careers as ‘social activist’ Adding my names to this list given by Sameer Bhai – Somnath Bharti (tampering with witness), Rakhi Birla (Faked an attack on herself when actually a cricket ball of 10 year old boy hit her car),   Kamal Mitra Chenoy (JNU Professor known supporter of Bin Laden and Kashmiri Separatists), Ashutosh Gupta (who was ashamed of his surname to drop it – he has a expose coming up, tightening it legally before some patriots expose him) and so onKamalMitraChenoy-UnarmedOsama
  2. KamalMitraChenoy-UniteAgainstIndianStateDoes ideology of above people support very fabric of india which is very spiritual,ethical & faith based.Unity in diversity? or you can also see some appeasement tactics or back door tactics followed by AAP leaders ?

    Picture Courtesy: mediacrooks.com
    AAP Poster Boys!
    Picture Courtesy: mediacrooks.com
  3. Most important of all As many of you might have got deceived(thats why few urban chunks are supporting AAP) thinking that AAP is continuation of India against Corruption movement , wait relax , you are mistaken ! Let me reaffirm you its NOT continuation of IAC movement in political form.All the mass leaders who uplifted IAC left IAC in late 2012 when all above people entered the so called “Team Anna” (except AK who was there from start) and tried to take movement in wrong naxalite direction. Prominent personalities who took back from movement included Sri Sri Ravishankar (of The Art of Living) as well , hence Anna andolan got not much public support when Anna sat for anshan in Mumbai on Azad Maidan.
  4. Did all above people from AAP had any public support(they have been doin andolans for years on various issues) of their own? Answer is very little to NO support.Were all these guys part of IAC from beginning ? (Ans is NO) . It was in Ahmednagar satsang where Anna, Sri Sri, Kiran Bedi etc started IAC , Sri Sri traveled across India to create awareness about issue of Corruption through his talks n satsangs and asked Anna to do andolan in Delhi inspite Anna doubting who will support me in Delhi ? Sri Sri replied people will support and everyone knows how successful the movement was till ‘the point’ where control of horse was in hand of all founders !NaMoWithGurudev19012013-04
  5. Find out all the leaders who built up IAC where are they ? Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Santosh Hegde, Darshak Hathi, Maheish Girri (person who coined the name “Janlokpal” are they supporting AAP ? (Not even remotely , in fact few people have taken open stand not to support AAP n support BJP)

    Maheish Girri ji – Joining BJP
  6.  Do you really think(practically n not emotionally) that whatever chaos is happening in Delhi , we shall handover our country to these newbees ,when india is in such delicate mode ? or shall we go for trusted metal & give AAP time to prove themselves in Delhi and wait to know their real agenda?

You have quite a few days to do research before you can come to conclusion ! Go by facts don’t just confront or argue for sake of doing it or prove your point !!

Find out true answers and spread this message above to many .. let the truth come out !!

Nation First ! Jai Hind !! My Choice My Choice – India First !

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