Time to be Happy Again

Caught up with an Alumni, who suddenly appeared too old and ragged, done and spent from being a highly energetic, vivacious creature when we met him in November 2016. After others left both of us alone, asked him if he got ditched by his love (or hitched by a wrong person) – the appearance simply was not him! He explained that his heart was no longer in it anymore. Work was taking a toll on his overall being, big time.

For some reason, it was last night’s Newsflash that came to mind right away. Many a times these results in some Flashes of random but very deep thoughts too… Like the one last evening related to MS Dhoni – seemingly no reason to do what he did.


Turning the Television on after I got home and it was speculation in the media related to yesterday’s new flash. Why MS Dhoni quit…


Myriads of thoughts danced around my head – do I relate to the situation that Dhoni or my friend referred in the opening lines (let us call him Mithun) felt? A state of mental and emotional fatigue – A captain pitchforked into this position despite not captaining even a club, that which got his juices flowing today suddenly boring drill and overwhelming, that which was his life became something that threatened his longevity in the game (one of the speculation), that which got him all the name and fame, the captain cool who could (and still doesn’t) do no wrong.

Yes, it was all about timing. Possibly, He lived by the adage that I followed many times in the span of my career in the past – Quit when people ask “Why” not “When”


For me, nothing describes this better than the picture above, on how he must be feeling today. He probably simply wants to reboot and find his happiness again. Considering that India is generally very cruel with Cricketers when they lose a match (even the contrary is true), he must have simply decided to enjoy being a batsman again.

Whatsapp’ed Mithun asked him about his job (it was not such a long career as yet, but for this Generation 3 years is pretty long) – all the things that he began posting over the next 20 minutes sounded so familiar. Call it experiential – mine and many of them around me today.

Has the time come? Yes when the signals are:

  • feeling of thanklessness,
  • you simply don’t want your Boss’s job,
  • you think this is not worth and
  • you don’t have time for pursuing your other passions.
  • you feel stagnated and see no signs of progress
  • you think – yaar it is time to head to work today and finally….


 As Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living says

” The good life is a happy life. It does not mean that if you are good you will be happy, It mean that if you are happy you will be good” 

Borrowed this from a friend’s FB timeline. In simpler words, Time to bid goodbye when you feel you are not good anymore. It maybe painful to let go, but many time holding on to may be more painful.

|Jai Gurudev|