Left not aware of Right – Curious case of Hindustan Times

HT-Front Page
Front Page News!
HT-Front Page-06
Page 6 continuation. Lie big and Truth tucked away


These are the First page and Page 6 coverage of The Hindustan Times, the scrawl owned and operated by Shobhna Bhartia, the KK Birla Family heir (the only qualification for the position she has assumed)

Then tucked in Page 3 is a rejoinder from Art of Living, albeit with a picture they use from file (without mentioning it). By the way, all the pictures used are not current as it is made out to be. As is their wont, from the word go, Hindustan Times, at the behest of someone (it is anyone’s guess) have tried to derail the Nation’s show piece World Culture Festival 2016. While we (and the world) focused on the now famous WCF Rainbow, like gutter snipe they focused on the slush and dirt caused by the rain.

HT Uses File Pictures & passes it off as current

Here is their piece that was supposedly Art of Living’s statement, but conveniently use some old file picture and not what was shot just before the site was handed over to DDA. You can view the “Dated” pictures in my previous piece – NGT Committee as (Im)Perfect Weapon

Here is the Video that was also viewed by everyone in the media including Hindustan Times

What is the real agenda of Hindustan Times? Who are their backers? Why are they and their motley bunch of journalists incessantly attacking (and peddling lies). Time for Art of Living to really investigate their interests.