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A nice story sent to me by an Acharya of AOL. Posting here with her permission for everyone.

In the days of yore, the devas got together and with Brahma in the chair were debating greatly as to where to hide away the secret and supreme power available to the Man . The discussions and the debates raged on for yugas. One of the gods suggested, Hey, look! hide it deep under the depth of samudra (ocean), another said hide it below Himalayas and other mountains and yet another one said, hide it in a cave of a thick jungle (forest). A very learned Rishi (Sage), said, Keep it in the depth of Man’s mind. With a foolish wandering mind, he would never suspect that all the power that could be there is right within and they will never look within. Only spiritual, intellectual and sadhak would look within, use the power and make a big name.

We now know the difference between people who are great and who is not. Great people invariably tap the power of their own minds while the others keep burning out all the energy looking all over the world, in the depth of the seas, below the mountains, in the caves little realizing that it is within us.

Guruji has marked our path with the milestones, roadsigns and whatever is divinely and humanly possible for our easy journey into ourselves. Let us travel this path and unleash the power within. A small tribute to this GREAT PERSON, if we do this. What say?

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  1. sinchitaa November 26, 2012 / 11:25 am

    Dear suresh ji thank you so much for sharing this knowledge..:) amazing blog..:)

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