My Piece of Mind for Peace of Mind

Limited application of a Profound knowledge is gross under-utilization and sheer waste of invaluable Knowledge itself.

Happens especially when our focus is “supply” instead of “apply” and knowledge is theoretical (as compared to experiential)

Reminds me of Art of Living‘s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2006 An event that brought together 25 Lakhs people from across the whole world. The venue was buzzing with a lot of spiritual activities with stage measuring 3.5 acres accomodating 3800 musicians performing on a single platform along with hundreds of dignitaries. Millions meditating together in a 243 acres open ground Jakkur Airfield) rendering it an inimitable celebration involving Music, dance and Spiritual practices.

And then comes a particular English News Channel to cover the event. What do they focus on majorly on the 3 days of the event? Just on a few thousands of sqft area – finding all kinds of faults. Yes out 243 acres and total of about 12-15 hours of event, they covered toilets at the venue for 75% of their air time!!! Long Queues, inadequate numbers etc. All this when other channels were beaming unique and record breaking event and happenings on the rest of 243 acres, to the world.

Is it only the media who indulges in this? No. Seen many seekers doing this too. Pick a knowledge that transcends time and apply it to some mundane task – just to spite someone in a moment of defeat. Is the point made? No again. They appear so silly and make a fool of themselves

This is no Wisdom

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  1. sinchitaa November 26, 2012 / 1:05 pm

    Nice Blog Suresh ji.. 🙂

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