A Bit Older and More Fabulous

As you cross yet another landmark year on the planet, and looking back I can boldy assert to the world that you lived the saying “Be Kind, you will never regret that” Yes! Everything that you have done so far, has been making us parents so proud. I did mention just a couple of days ago, as we celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary as to how you brought us to the threshold of wholesomeness of our blissful journey of togetherness and to make it so fulfilling once your brother came along, the brother who always looked up to you for everything, just like us.

Just as I return from Sabarimala on the Special Day. Arun Bombing this Picture made it even better

I still remember who you always used to tell people to make people laugh but never to laugh at them. What a nice thought! It is always a proud moment when we know we birthed someone who is humane and always find ways to do good to the world, without expecting the world to return any favour. I am not sure you remember what you said after an outing with under privileged children (not exactly these words but the purport is definitely this) – “I realised that the world is infinitely good to me, than I am to the world” What a wonderful thought darling!

Happy Birthday my Darling! I am truly blessed to have such a special princess in my life!

Yet another proudest moment was when you brought Anay into the world. While we have spent all these years watching you grow up and though many kept talking about the feeling any parent would have, We were not quite prepared for that day when you delivered Anay on October 11th, 2022 and for me to carry him on his first day is moment I can never describe in words.

When you consoled me and gave me strength – a few moments before Anay came along

Could not help to recall our momentous day on 3rd April 1993 when Aparna brought you, the gift of our lives. I tell you, the feeling of being a Grand parent is much more overwhelming, for which any human being should be proud of and remain grateful to a Daughter. Oh yes! Grateful to proud father of Anay and your other half and our Pride, Arun too. Just to keep looking at our little one grow up to deliver her little bundle of joy – as I said earlier, I was not prepared for that feeling on top of the world

Not just hair greying, I grew up a lot too
The moment!!!

A strong, lovely, kind woman with independence. I’m so proud to say you’re mine. It would not be an exaggeration to state that you made me realise more about me and the world around me, than anyone else. Do you know how beautiful the world is, with you in our life? If you don’t know, look through my eyes. Thank you for being you.

When people asked me how do you manage to remain cool under any circumstance, even the most adverse one – my reply was and always would be – “you don’t have what I have” – That is You! You were are. Not sure who said this, but in your case it is very true, “As you’ve grown, you have taught me so many things in life. Over the years you’ve taught me to have endless patience, unlimited affection, and eternal love” For those who keep telling the pangs of raising a teenage daughter (or even a son), I am yet to figure out what was so difficult. Aparna would totally agree that, it was never once a challenge – Just in case it happened without all of us not knowing – thank God, WE CROSSED THAT IN STYLE.

Dedicating this song which just is what my heart is singing today. Meri duniya tu hi re! Just as you cross yet another year of brining happiness, joy and calm to everyone around you, I only have the best wishes to you.

Happy Birthday Divya! You got a bit older and a lot more fabulous.