Dearer than Lapis Lazuli

I always wondered why every wedding anniversary were linked to some theme, why 32nd was left out from the list. Though loosely I have heard of it being linked to Transport (rightfully so), maybe it was left for me to fill in on this amazing milestone. Spoke to a NRI friend who explained why it was linked to Transport – his take was that if some pair has stayed married for 32 years (in that part of the world, 32 month is considered a record period) it is to convey as an example that this journey of 32 revolutions of the Sun together has been navigated successfully, through the roughs and troughs, through joy and sadness, through challenges and bliss – all dealt with successfully TOGETHER

Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary to us

Not that I need any special linkage to be grateful to Aparna who has been a married companion for 32 long years (for her). You know something, of all the fishes in the Ocean, I am glad I caught you (not my original saying, but heard this in a different context from someone)

Proud and Extremely Happy Grandparents celebrating the 32nd with Apple of our Eyes

Dearest Aparna,
Thank you for giving me the love that I cannot live without. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and to everyone who is part of our lives (Check with them and they would agree with me completely). One of our Manasik Daughter asked us, if you were to pick up the best moment of these 32 years, I had to go back to my memory….errrrr… my Maths to work that out. The best moment was not just one but 1,009,152,000 (Someone can figure out the significance of this number). It is not for this tribute blog but for real. It has been such an amazing journey of blissful togetherness.

We also had a word of caution to her. Like in anything in the world or in any relationship “We worked to make it work” Cordiality and bliss in Every relationhip is free but not a gift. I have to confess that she shared significantly part of that work than me. It is not being the jolly, naughty, laughing and freaking couple all the time.

We as family had our shares of Challenges and what made it work was her “calming” presence. Divya and Vishnu tell me, I am lying when I use the adjective calming – she gets flustered even when the boat is slightly rocked. But I say her presence was real – constant support and inspiration to everyone and reassuring that we will surmount it and Thanks to the Divine – we did it successfully each time. She was always around, looking over our shoulders, telling us never to give up and we will sail through.

If Divine were to give a chance to change something from 31st March 1991 and relive the past 32 years, (I wish He really offered it), you know what! Wait Wait, Don’t Celebrate – I am not going to let go even in imagination, I would do exactly what I did that day all over again and live the 32 years excatly the same way.

Looking eye to eye (for a change)

Here is to another year of growing closer and sticking together throughout our lives. Cheers to yet another year of growing strong together.

The NRI friend also suggested to gift Lapis Lazuli on this occasion, which in all humility I welcome and accept from Aparna or anyone else. Please keep this coming.

Lapis Lazuli – Gemstone associated with 32nd Anniversary
From all of us to the Anchor of our Lives. Thank you Aparna

What else? A friend like no one else. Here is the song dedicated to you

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