Lassi with Bassi. New chat show for World Culture Festival

By Vidyut Udiaver

This afternoon I launched my new chat show to celebrate the upcoming World Culture Festival 2016. It`s Lassi with Bassi. Both are rich, robust and handsome symbols of Punjab. Lion-like in their content and honey-sweet in their intent. Lassi as you know is that heady mix of yoghurt, sweetened if your nice and salty if your uptight. Then who is Bassi ?


Montoo Bassi from Delhi to be precise. He`s my new creative director, anchor person, cinematographer, adman, meditator, teacher, scriptwriter, master of ceremonies, designer and the firm shoulder that I can rely on when I am about to launch my new chat show…Lassi with Bassi to mark the upcoming World Culture Festival (WCF) in New Delhi India from March 11th-13th 2016. One can discuss anything under the sun with Bassi, from creative strategy, fonts, music and typos to cinema, fashion, photography and of course Paranthas. Wow. Paranthas ! Another Punjabi delicacy that the lion won`t ever touch, but Bassi and his friends Nakul, Upkar and Deepak can maul into pieces of it, layer after layer, thick and fast.

The idea of producing this chat show struck me at twelve last midnight when four boys next door were rigorously practicing away some popular hit tunes that they are going to play with 2,000 musicians at the World Culture Festival (WCF) next month. My chat show idea was born. Freedom at midnight ! I thought it could be a personal tribute to the upcoming mega cultural festival that is billed to take the world into waves of peace, happiness and much hope.

So Lassi, Bassi and Delhi. I love the qualities, characteristics, idiosyncrasies and tastes of all these three. All seemed to fall into place now for my new chat show.

But this chat show is not going to be Bassi`s first claim to fame. He has an amazing creative talent and a huge line-up of the advertising industry`s awards that will sparkle on your face when you sit in his living room. Coming back about the talk of our talk show. We are getting ready to chat on the grand, mammoth event that the world is talking about today. Montoo Bassi tells me that the World Culture Festival is going to be a promising encounter with the roots of all the music, traditions, art, dance and cultures of the world. Spectacular I should say. Over 25,000 artists from around the world are going to showcase music, chants and dance that`s going to shake the roots of the earth, cradling her people to relax in peace, for the sake of a better humanity.


Thousands of artists are going to perform on the largest stage ever and for the first time 155 countries are coming together in support of a creative peace-building initiative inspired by the founder of Art of Living Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

An idea whose time has arrived. We are going to talk more about the WCF event in my first ever chat show. Lassi with Bassi. A show that will stir you inside out.