Why is the world media waiting to cover this event ?

By Vidyut Udiaver, February 9, 2016


The world`s best journalists, on-ground reporters, camera crews, production teams and media companies across the board in several countries are busy planning to catch this moment. It`s the World Culture Festival 2016. This event is a rare and powerful opportunity for media in all its forms to come together to help shape a culture that is inclusive, to promote an attitude that is peaceful and to deliver an experience that is unique. I can`t emphasize more on the power of media in the coming days and months.

A cross-cultural delight. The World Culture Festival to be held in New Delhi, India from March 11th-13th is expected to see a whopping confluence of cultures and traditions expressed through music, dance, art and songs. The world is going to watch and experience cultural pluralism at its best. And my friends in the media will fully agree with me that this message needs to go out there especially to the nations and people grappling with injustice, war, violence and terrorism. This is our time to come together to raise the bar and push the envelope towards harmony. Much before precious traditions, peaceful forms of thinking and expression are shot down or stamped out. The World Culture Festival is a mammoth effort towards that. It`s worth it. It`s now or never.

The world media is waiting with bated breath to catch the high production values of the festival that will emanate from the world`s largest stage of seven acres, roughly the size of six football fields. And the goal is One.  Individual peace, Global happiness. A stress-free, violence-free society. In whatever words one may wish to express it, it`s an idea whose time has come.


Several thousand tons of media paraphernalia, equipment, software, lights and sound is waiting to download at the venue. Not to forget the potential words and feelings of the reporter on ground, to bring alive the largest live concert ever of over 25,000 artists and maestros from Hungary, America, Russia, Turkey, China, New Zealand, Germany, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Latin America, Pakistan, Belarus, Australia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Nepal, Middle East, Africa and 18 States of India. Perhaps the largest ever production and consumption of media is expected to roll out.

The festival is also a celebration of the 35 years of service by the world renowned Art of Living founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, which has implemented life-supporting initiatives in 155 countries continent wide. World leaders, celebrities and peacemakers will be joining hands with 3.5 million people on the ground, right there. Live at the World Culture Festival.

No wonder the world`s media is waiting to catch this event in all its hues and glory. To fulfill a greater mission, a collective responsibility. That`s the power of media.