Guru Exist!!!

Rewind Mode! Going Back to a few years… write out a lovely story…this time related by My Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankarji (Follow Him on @SriSriSpeaks –!/srisrispeaks) Himself in Bangalore Ashram in response to a question from the audience.He related using a story about His favourite Character, yes yes, it is Mullah Nasruddin.

Do MASTER exist? (Of course, we say – but why? read on)

Once Mullah Nasruddin falls sick and visits the doctor. They were very good friends and after exchanging pleasantries, the doctor went about doing the job – checked him up and then treated him all the while both were discussing various topic and then it came to concept of Master/Guru.

The doctor says, “there is no such thing as a Master. If he/she really existed, there would be no ignorance in this world. You have to agree all the problems in this world is due to this single biggest factor “IGNORANCE”. If a Master truly existed there would be no ignorance and earth would have been Heaven.

Mullah Nassruddin, the intelligent fool was stumped. It appeared that he lost out on this one for a change. However much he revolted mentally against the doctor friend’s statement, he also realized that what he just heard had some truth but he knew there was something more to it and it was not the reality. He did not want to argue since he had no answers at that time.

The treatment over, Mullah walks out of the clinic thanking the doctor for his wonderful treatment, he was almost feeling normal. He walked a few yards, finds a really sick person, who almost is unable to walk stumbling, mumbling unconsciously. He runs back to the doctor and panting heavily says…”Doctors do not exist in this world…there are no such things called Doctors”

Doctor says, “Nooooo… How can you say that? I am here and I just treated you and you were so happy with what I did”

Mullah says “No, If doctors existed, then there wouldnt be any sick people like that man lying unconscious across the street”

Doctor with a sad face says, “But Doctors do exist, what happens is that he did not come to me”

Mullah says “Yes!!! that is the whole point. People dont go to the MASTER nor look for HIM. They also dont follow what HE says. That is the reason for IGNORANCE and all the problems in this World”

This touched me very much, because it was almost the very first talk I was attending after my rebirth in Art Of Living. And there was so much Truth and I felt that I was very much the doctor of this story.