An Upanayana and Guru Tatva

Having begun the month with a piece on a Guru Pujya Gurudev HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of The Art of Living I sign of the month also with a piece of Guru Principle or the Tattva. Cutting down on the verbosity, this would be almost a photo blog of an Amazing place I happened to visit to attend an Upanayana ceremony of Vatu Chinmay, son my friend Deepak Naik and Sister Sushma Naik . The venue was Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira. A few interesting snaps uploaded here.  Do not miss this place at any cost when you visit Bangalore.

Firstly, my tributes to the Vatu, Chinmay, who became a Dwija (Twice-born) in the Honor of Sanatana Dharma and the ancient Vedic Tradition. He was given Upadesha (instruction) as part of introduction to the concept of  Brahman. He is vested with a Three-Stranded Sacred Thread (Janivara) representing Goddesses Gayatri (Mind) Saraswati (Word) and Savitri (Deed). He was also initiated into the all powerful Gayatri Mantra formally today. My respects to the Vatu

20130530_104434 (1024x768)
Chinmay with his Father Deepak Naik
20130530_110628 (1024x768)
Being Explained various Concepts of the Sadhana
Bhiksha Karanam
Bhiksha Karanam

Wishing him all the prosperity, wisdom and success in his life. 

Coming to the main purpose of this blog, some interesting details on the venue where this Upanayana Happened, Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira

20130530_114843 (1024x768)
Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandir
20130530_114819 (1024x768)
The Entrance – Couldn’t capture Beautiful Padukas
Mahaganapthy Temple as we enter
Mahaganapthy Temple as we enter
Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya
Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya
20130530_112717 (1024x768)
Sri Sadguru Paduka Mandir Entrance – 1st Floor
20130530_112819 (1024x768)
The Gallery and Sthapana Stala of Padukas
20130530_112837 (1024x768)
Another Row of Paduka Sthapana Stala
20130530_112846 (1024x768)
The 3rd Row
20130530_112856 (768x1024)
The Primary Paduka Puja and Ashtottara performed here – Sri Dattatreya
20130530_120137 (1024x768)
Sadguru Dhyana Mandira – 2nd Floor
20130530_120339 (768x1024)
Extremely Rare Comination – Sri Dakshina Murthy and Sri Dattatreya Together
20130530_122335 (1024x768)
A very Happy me – customary sit-down in a Temple
20130530_122636 (768x1024)
A Photo-op Proud me with that Dwaj

A brief write-up on the Presiding Deity Sri Dattatreya and this Mandira would not be out of place here. It is believed that Sri Dattatreya is a Deity encompassing the Holy Trinity or Trimurthy – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. (depicted with 3 heads). He is the Author of Tripura Rahasya, a treatise on Advaita Vedaanta (which incidentally is my current reading) that was instructed by Him personally to Parashurama.

This Mandira was primarily built to showcase and make available in a single place Padukas of  various Gurus including that of the present and previous Acharyas of Shringeri Sharada Peetha, Avadhutas of Sri Dattatreya lineage, Sri Raghavendra of Mantralaya,  Sri Gondavale Maharaj of Hebballi. Sri Bharathi
Teertha Mahaswami, The Jagadguru of Dakshinanmaya Sri Sringeri Sharadha Peetha, His Holiness Bharathi Theertha Swami blessed the trust members with Sri Dattatreya Paduka with a mandate to worship in all Guru Peethas – thus each of the Padukas in the Paduka Mandira has been worshipped in over 40 holy Peethas.

Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira’s Prathista Kumbhabhisheka of Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Dattatreya and Sri Sadguru Shila Paduka by His Holiness Bharathi Theertha Swami was performed on 4th March 2012

Another highlight of this Mandira is Ganesha Prapancha, where unbelievable variety of Lord Ganesh in different Postures and made of different materials are on display. Will update with some pictures after my next visit

The Mandira Address :

Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira, Bharat Housing Layout, Thurahalli, near Poornaprajna Layout, Uttarahalli-Kengeri Road, Bengaluru.

About 3 km from Uttarahalli Circle, towards Kengeri (a left turn before Patalamma Temple)

Wikimap of Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira

||Namo Namaha Sri Gurupadukabhyam||

How Genuine is Sri Sri

Does it matter to anyone? I guess not. Reframe the question to something worthwhile – How Genuine is His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‘s contribution to the mankind. Yes! I have answers for this, based on my personal experiences. No one can fault Him or Pick holes on this count.

Rudra Puja
Rudra Puja

Call Him Satguru or Businessman or whatever, He indeed is  an entrepreneur par excellence albeit into a very noble Business – Bringing smiles on everyone’s face – humans, animals and environment. Wasn’t this the same almost insignificant personality who unlike any other speaker in the ‘Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders’ – United Nations, New York” wished that He would like to a smile on everyone’s face.

Nothing great about this wish since every leader worth his/her salt makes such wishes day in and day out. However defining difference was that He “committed & took responsibility” to make it happen.


Remember we are talking about a time when the organization, The Art of Living (AOL) that He founded was not as popular as today and with limited resources at His disposal that indeed was a very populist commitment. There was stamp of Fake all over it. Greater leaders with virtually unlimited resources also had their eyebrows up and with question “How Genuine is Sri Sri” consuming them. This Satguru or Businessman Sri Sri also decided that charity or no meaningful social transformation can be done with an empty bowl. Businessman in Sri Sri decided to make an invaluable secret discovered by Him unselfishly to the world. Decide whether this is a sign of a Satguru or Businessman.  It also provides answers in great measure to the question “How Genuine is Sri Sri”

But wait a minute. Why do we have to look down upon “business”? In our ancient tradition we have always worshipped “Lakshmi” – The Goddess of wealth. We have honoured businessmen & entrepreneurs from time immemorial, with a varna dedicated to them.

Appointing ambassadors to carry the message of peace and love to every corner of the world, catering to every section of the population without any kinds of any barriers whatsoever – the program was self sustained, offering “affordable” stress management techniques  – yes the keyword is “affordable”. If certain section can afford no money, it was delivered free. Is this sign of a Satguru or Businessman?

Agreed! Ambassadors are not perfection personified simply because they are not HIM, just imperfect instruments trying to contribute their bit to the larger goal.


Wait there are more answers to “How Genuine is Sri Sri”

That commitment made in UN speech was not forgotten. This Fake Satguru or Businessman also ensured that the funds thus generated is pumped back into the service of mankind in the form of Projects specifically targeted towards ensuring Home, Health, Hygiene, promoting Human Values and Harmony in diversity under the flagship initiative – 5H

Oh! Yes. Does the questions “How Genuine is Sri Sri” or is He a “Satguru or Businessman” linger? If yes, probably time to enrol and experience the program. As the saying goes there is not much you can do to define pain – you have to experience it. It is true in case of Bliss too.

I experientially discovered my Self as also answers to these questions. You deserve it too.