How do we Begin… Reflections of a Lovely Day

No words for a lady like you because there is no adjective that can describe a lovely woman like you! But I just want to say that, Amma, you have been such an inspiration and such a support for us throughout.. Just be there for us as always ma, and Im sure and I assure we’ll reach such great heights and make you proud!!

Love you really lots my mummmaaa!!! J J

Many many moooore Happy Returns of the day ma!!

edited V-A
From Vishnu to Amma with love
Ma n me
From Divya to Amma with love

Well! It is my turn now – When it comes to expressing a few word in appreciation of this Amazing lady…an otherwise verbose me will find words choking at my throat…errr.. fingers. Natural choice  is to head to the latest dictionary. If only, dictionaries or thesaurus could include feeling with those words, I would have had a quick template to finish this piece in a jiffy.  Here I go, digging into the depth of my vocabulary to find an expression and I am sure no word would justify what she really means to each one of us who know her.

So here I go…

Why here? It could have been a very personal letter or even a “careful whisper” into this ear that is always “ready to hear” our woes. Keeping in line with our image as a very social family (and for me to show off 😉 I guess it was worth putting this for the world to see. Only in the fond hope that an expression of an intention is as much needed as the intention for that loved one to visit here and cherish.

At the outset, the greatest reason to appreciate this wonderful soul is that Himalayan patience she has. Remember she has to deal and live with a very difficult husband like me. It would be an understatement if I just say that her love and patience increased proportionally with every passing year as my crankiness increased. No! even exponentially increased would be an understatement – that is Aparna for you.

On a serious note – this post is not really for more hits on my website, nor is it for show-off. It is just for YOU – APARNA. Just for you.


Okay! Let me also confess, it is for me 🙂 As a reminder to myself, that it is not enough to love, but also show that love. As a gentle nudge for myself whenever needed.

You are the best person any person could hope to have around. We (me specifically) feel so blessed and completely grateful to Divine to have you in our lives. It is a visual treat to watch you teach like none else, our kids (and those who come across in our lives) much valuable lessons and virtues. I am not sure I know or even understand everything in this life, but I know Divine got us united to accomplish great things. I have to concede that you indeed and definitely are the better half. I cherish you. FOREVER!

The Gang of Four
The Gang of Four

I am so grateful to His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has blessed me (and us) with happiness that are just dreams for many on this planet. Thank you, Aparna for walking and make me walk that path shown by HIM.

Finally, I am so happy and on top of the world to realize I am so dependent on you and happily so. Today as you turn an year wiser and while deep sea divers try to discover the pearls under the sea, I shout from the roof top that here is “MY precious jewel not deep under the sea to be discovered, but right next to me, every step of my life”

As some wise man said – you proved this adage so true for me.

“An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” –

That is YOU for me 🙂 dearest Aparna

From all of us – a lot of them sent me messages to put their names to wish you here) and since it is you, there are so many, far too many that I need a separate piece to just mention them – A very Happy Birthday to you. Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. We will make sure every day of the year ahead would be as special or better than today.


Signing off… with a lovely verse,  Thanks to Emlyn Tisdale

Day by day, months pass by,
Month by month, years go by.
You’ve always been when I needed you or otherwise,
Today is your birthday and to the occasion I must rise.
To bring a smile to your lips all day,
Is my goal in every possible way.
Happy Birthday 

Walking and Leading my Path

On my wife Aparna’s  _th birthday (I dare not fill that up) my thoughts on what makes her very special. Let me start with a few words about her. A great thing about her is her over-riding desire to just give , give and give. Amazing lady who simply loves doing for others giving her 100% Ask any of our friends and relatives for endorsement – I am sure she would get overwhelming votes to beat Pranabda if it were for Presidential Elections.

With our Children

I always know she is my greatest supporter yet not afraid to challenge me and help me grow into a better person. Her faith in our chosen path I feel far exceeds mine, many a times and in the path some giant leaps that we have taken together successfully as a couple would have never happened without her support, willingness and strength.

To our children, she is the best mom one can hope or even imagine to get. She has created a wonderful home out of this house, that we all look forward to come back and chill.

Today, on her _th birthday (no, I still don’t dare to fill that blank despite the good words written earlier), I want to honor Aparna for being my wife. She is my best friend and mate that I could ever get. The Divine as always knew that my destiny is with her and led me to Aparna. And most importantly boy! I am extremely elated that I listened to Him!

Here is how her birthday began – blessed by whom we adore, respect and follow. His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji or the Art of Living Foundation

With HH Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji

Happy Birthday, Dearest Aparna and thanks for everything (and the delicious food that you always cook, I have to say this in anything that I write). We love you just the way you are! Wishing you a wonderful day which we surely would try to make. May this day which started on a great note, get better and better through the day and the year ahead.

Raising the toast on your Birthday – here we are… with Love

Me with the Birthday Girl

PS: The occasion sweetened due to the presence of Ashwin, Aparna (Addanki), Deepika, Bhanu akka and many senior Swamis and Teachers of AOL