Cool :-) Dont Worry Be Happy

We find two types of people around us. One type, usually the majority are those who can never be happy – they look for ways and means to worry their hearts out. When things are going their way, they still worry whether things would change and even that happy moment would pass without them really enjoying. The second type are those, who have decided to be happy come what may. Even the worst of the situations fail to ruffle them or cause any worry to their immediate enjoyment – they have decided to stay happy even when things are terribly wrong. That is the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. Thanks to my Master, Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar (Follow HIM @SriSri on twitter )  who has shown me the way to stay happy and enjoy the present moment – I try to live the life of an optimist and rather add life to my years rather than year to my life. It is so damn tough to find someone who always can smile (I know of a person who lives abroad with her hubby) Hubby who is a worrying kind who relishes being unhappy for no reason, worrying about things. I had only this to say to him, it is really tough for a person to keep smiling and be happy all the while and the easiest thing anyone can do in this world is to pull them to a trough of self pity and unhappiness and raising them back is almost next to impossible. Here is a story on the outlook of two kinds of people that I sent him

An optimist sees the best in the world, while a pessimist sees only the worst. An optimist finds the positive in the negative, and a pessimist can only find the negative in the positive.

For example, an avid duck hunter was in the market for a new bird dog. His search ended when he found a dog that could actually walk on water to retrieve a duck. Shocked by his find, he was sure none of his friends would ever believe him.

He decided to try to break the news to a friend of his, a pessimist by nature, and invited him to hunt with him and his new dog.

As they waited by the shore, a flock of ducks flew by. they fired, and a duck fell. The dog responded and jumped into the water. The dog, however, did not sink but instead walked across the water to retrieve the bird, never getting more than his paws wet. This continued all day long; each time a duck fell, the dog walked across the surface of the water to retrieve it.

The pessimist watched carefully, saw everything, but did not say a single word.

On the drive home the hunter asked his friend, “Did you notice anything unusual about my new dog?”

“I sure did,” responded the pessimist. “He can’t swim.”

Yes, it is almost a cinch, this guy would drown, let alone being unable to swim with this attitude. While Optimist sees the donut, pessimist sees the hole. while optimist sees the glass half full, the pessismist sees the glass half empty.

Despite the corruption, scams and everyting gloomy, on the Republic day, I still am the eternal optimist, loads of hope for every Bharateeya and I am absolutely sure that Glory of Bharat would be restored sooner than later.

Happy Republic day! Vande Mataram and Jai Bharath Mata