Racism makes good Business sense

Got thinking about the Celebrity Big Brother reality show controversy. Was this all a stage managed event to boost up the TRP or what for layman is called the Viewership. For me it made a lot of business sense in whatever happened. Everyone concerned were in it for money. An out of work Indian Actor, a Reality show with sagging fortune all just got what they wished. This actor who was no better than an arm twisting persona (whose family was embroiled in a controversy for employing some thugs a few years back to settle scores with a rival) has no bloody moral right to clear or absolve Jade Goody of racism charge, her flip-flop on the issue took away any credibility she had. Considering the way she behaved during and after the controversy, I wish it should have been real and she should have been abused for her cheap behaviour . I again maintain that the whole thing was stage managed for publicity. The whole thing seemed fair to this cheap Actor when she won the show and the big bucks to the extent she is ready to plead to every Indian on behalf of Goody (no Goody) to forgive her. Atleast my fair lady, the citizenry of India with even a bit of brain left never felt offended – so keep the tears for your onscreen shows (which never seemed to come till this issue came along as a great gift to revive your fortune)

Shilpa Shetty knew what was in store when she signed on. She knew she was being paid to get verbally (physically too?) abused and the game was all about how you withstood this onslaught. She surely couldn’t have expected them to treat her with a traditional welcome with Kalash, Deep and Arti. C’mon this was a reality show and everyone was supposed to be at their nastiest worst. Reading through what transpired during the show, felt there was nothing that called for involvement of the Prime Minister of UK, Finance Minister of India – My God!!! this is height (or rather Pits…) All these politicians need to just look at their own backyards to realize what really constitutes Racism. What they all did was hardselling the program by their unwitting involvement or were they bought to boost the program ratings  To make the whole scenario comical, an official ad welcoming Jade Goody to visit India (I cant help laughing my guts out) and for a few days our journalist had nothing but track the progress of her visa application.

Let us look at ourselves on this issue first. Isn’t India with its Caste based society racist too? The Finance Minister who was in support of the bill passed by the cabinet also is a racist because he supported division of society based on their origin (or based on the caste of the family into which a person was born). For more evidence look for any matrimonial ads, looking for fair skin of a particular caste, denomination etc. For me this is racism of the highest order. Don’t we fall head over heels for fair skinned or rich people and look down on the opposite valued people. So dear Finance Minister, you have something better to do than release your books or defend a cheap actor who was out on a publicity stunt. I guess she has her ways to settle her problems (including employing some thugs which has some experience anyway) Let us set our own homes in order. I have seen people in my city (Oh yes, home state of our revered FM) referring to people from the North East as “Chinky” and asking them if they eat dog meat etc – this stereotyping is racism too. Similarly usage of the terms Madrasis – we have examples galore in our day to day life. Have you watched an ad on TV, where West Indian Cricketer says, it is tough to be a West Indian in India (subtle hint that Indians looked down upon the color of their dark skin). These spots were irritatingly regular during the recently concluded Cricket Series.

So while the Celebrity Big Brother crew and participants walk to the bank, let us get back to our mundane lives.