Word Power

What do you call the consciousness where the all-knowing seed is present? How do you address it? Patanjali says ‘Om’ is the nearest sound that it can be addressed with. When you say Om, the consciousness is complete.


Om is the combination of ‘Aa’, ‘Oo’ and ‘Mm’. When you say ‘Aa’, the prana is in the lower portion of the body. When you say ‘Oo’, it is in the middle portion and when you say ‘Mm’, the prana moves to the upper portion. When you say Om, the prana is complete. Om is therefore the sound closest to complete consciousness.


All religions in the world have something very close to Om. Christianity has ‘Amen’ and Islam has ‘Ameen’.


Tajjapastadartha bhavanam is the next Sûtra, meaning “When you remember the Divine by repeating the word, the word uttered gives you the feeling of the Divine”.


This is an important Sûtra. Japa is basically a sound that can remind you of that state of feeling. For example, if you say mango, the word immediately conjures up the idea and the feeling of the fruit.


If you are fond of mango your mouth almost immediately starts watering. Say ‘Diwali’, don’t you think of gifts and celebration?


Tajjapastadartha bhavanam means that when you say Om, you remember the totality of the being, which is free from misery and which is unconditional love. Om reminds you of the Lord of the creation.


Tataha pratyakchetanadhigamoapyantarayabhavascha is the next Sûtra and it means “When the understanding of the self happens, obstacles in your path will vanish”.


What is the use of it? When this feeling of total consciousness enters your being, your mind is transformed. There is clarity in thought.


There is clarity in feeling. The whole body undergoes a transformation and you will find that you are full of prana and every obstacle in your path is removed.