Armtwisting – Unprofessional Dasmunshi

Another instance of misplaced patriotism was on vulguar display recently. Are we sending a lousy message of being totally unprofessional people with the way we carry out our businesses. I am an Indian belonging to the majority, yes I follow the the biggest religion of India, Cricket. I should have been overjoyed with the news. Thanks to our Information and Broadcasting Minster (I am unable to fathom what in the hell the folks in this ministry really need to do). The only time I get to hear about this ministry is during the cricket matches and the judicial reporters of Newspaper writing about the superefficient ministry hauling the unpatriotic Professionals to the courts. These non-patriotic professionals who pay through their nose, who wake early bid and bag the telecast rights and not giving it to the Motherland loving Bhoomiputras (sons of soil) in this Ministry who suddenly wake up from the slumber is simply not done.

Pitiful state of affairs to put it mildly. As much as the news should have been music to my ears that the cricket matches would be telecast, would I really enjoy watching them any more? Wonder where these guys (or gals) from the Doordarshan Prasar Bharati or Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are when they are supposed to be bidding for the telecast rights just like any other bidder. This happens so routinely (officials not turning up to do their work) and then at the last moment wake up to find someone walked away with the cake. To cover up this deficiency, why penalise Nimbus or Start Sports or ESPN who did their work diligently, on time and the right way. My dear Prasar Mantriji and the officials of DD, this is simply not done. You are making Indians a laughing stock in the international business community, where we dont respect letter and spirit of contracts or arm twist legal business into submission. Pray! my limited knowledge on constitutional issues, says an ordinance is passed only for real emergencies and I dont see telecast of Indo-Srilanka ODI series is an emergency situation which calls for an ordinance to cover the warmed up bottoms of arm chaired bureaucrats and politicians. The conditions are ridiculous too – the different set of rules for ODI and test indicated lack of clarity in the thinking (wonder if the brains are in the posteriors of these guys or existent at all). Ordinace saying that the feeds are to be provided to DD without the advertisements is height of madness and highhandedness. Man everyone is in it for money, they have bagged the rights after following the processes and shelling out burning holes in their pockets (to make some money, of course). But shouldn’t DD too shell out before they make their money. I once again hope the judiciary strikes down this ordinance lest Indians are considered unworthy of doing business with. Are you listening, your Honour?

Thanks Dasmunshi, my conscience does not permit me to watch it on DD (anyway, we get to watch only 4 balls an over – the first and last ball are never shown) I rather read the reports the next morning in my favourite newspaper. My word…Nimbus – If I watch the telecast live, it would be on my DTH where I have paid to watch (I am sure most of the Indians feel this way, and Dasmunshis are far lesser in this country)