Vishnu – Happy Birthday to an Amazing young Gentleman!

Dearest Vishnu,

Firstly, a very happy birthday.


Unbelievable the way time flew and you celebrate another birthday. Suffice to say, What a blessing you are to all us, your Amma, Didi and I and all the uncles, aunts and cousins. I am sure your friends also feel the same about you.


I vividly remember the way you gazed at me for the first time around 8:30 am on this day in Year 2000 (hey it is 15 years that flew past!!!), wrapped in woolen held in Doctor’s arms and literally presented to us, waiting anxiously as a bundle of our joy. That first cry (rather it was a loud bawl) was when I carried you and met you for the for the first time – It indeed was one the joyous moment of our lives. Ever since, you have always brought us so many moments (I won’t be wrong if I say every day).


The nights spent changing your nappies and the urgency we were forced to change it, lest it woke up the entire neighbourhood when you screamed at unbelievable top of the voice. I still remember those baby steps, the fall along with your walker down the stairs to the first landing, waiting behind the door for your sister to arrive from the school. Those jealous jabs at her when she cosied up to us.


And equally letting her decking you up for some photo ops.

20150127_235531DSC03933 (800x600)

But what is unforgettable is that large heartedness you showed when you gave out half eaten chocolate to a poor child who stood looking at you at the gate. You proved that moment that it is not the age that makes one realize the value of generosity.

With all those challenges of growing up you have always shown love of family though not so expressive it is felt by us. There are so many such proud instances that this piece cannot do justice and hence will leave it at this.

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You have amazed us suddenly with knowledge and wealth of information that you possessed. As with everyone else even we’ve had our growing pains as you pass through the years as a teen. But you always showed great respect to people around you. Not everything is perfect, you have had your share of moments when you were not so cool too. But we know that you never meant anything else but being nice, and we all love you for that.

As you pass through yet another memorable birthday, our prayers to the divine to continue showering his choicest blessing in this journey. We sincerely hope you will stay true to who you are, never digress from the path laid out by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and most importantly the one charted by your mother. In these days of Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, Telegram & Malls, it feels great you still have not forgotten the roots. We adore you just for that and hope you stay that way in days to come.

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Today you stand as tall as me from that little bundle presented to me 15 years ago, We wish you a great day. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest and know you are loved very much for the little boy you were, the wonderful growing son/brother you are now. You are a blessing indeed.

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Love you loads
Di, Amma and Dad (Bro, as you Proudly call me these days 🙂


Loving prepared by Amma: Enjoy these Midnight Goodies.

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