Disqualified – by Court

The text as received from Adv Shri Anil Kumar Kappilil, a practicing lawyer from Kochi. Who is responsible for Rahul Gandhi‘s disqualification? Not Narendra Modi ji, not Judiciary, not BJP.

It is CONgress and only CONgress which is squarely responsible .

The Only Truth on his Twitter account

CONgress knew that Rahul is a political liability. They encouraged him to speak utter nonsense against anything & anyone. Lacking common sense & good judgement they knew he would utter nonsense and one day land himself in trouble.

Extinct CONgress means end of career politricksters who once thrived during CONgress rule. They knew Rahul cannot be removed, sacrilege to even think removal of CONgress supremo Sonia’s son and with him around, it was certain that 2024 is the END!

This could well be their sinister plan to fix the thorn in the CONgress neck by sending him to jail and bank on sympathy for the party. It is not new for CONgress – in the past has successfully executed various unscrupulous strategies to grab power.

The cause and reasons for the assassinations of Rahul’s father and paternal grandma still remain unknown. But the effect we saw in both incidents is that they brought the Congress party back to power when it was almost got extinct.

Disqualification from Parliament in view of conviction in a criminal case for defamation is not political but legal issue. He should introspect that current hullabaloo of his party against Government is not going to go down well with people of India.

Clearly , Action as a result of a legal order

Some Congress leaders, kitchen cabinet of Sonia has portrayed Rahul as political incompetent systematically over time. Same coterie did to Rajiv in Bofors scam & IPKF that failed in Sri Lanka. Rajiv was nothing less than a politically naive person.

She should have completed this – A rap on his skull

Sonia and Rahul must be wary about the sinister games of the charlatans in their own party and the rants against Modi government are not going to get them back anywhere near to power again

Why is Sonia not realising this?

1. Sonia is not Indian culturally & emotionally to understand Indian political dharma sutras of Chanakya. Politics of Dharma is the core Indian Psyche and it is powerfully embedded in Indian culture and civilization.

2. She has no knowledge of the language of the majority Indians. Reading a scripted text has no emotional involvement which is exposed.

Inability to read Indian Pulse

3. Trust deficit. Sonia and her family that has made Congress a private enterprise has lost trust of Voters.

4. Out of 150 crore Indians, almost 130 support Narendra Modi because He speaks his heart extempore (and some think Teleprompters make one so talented to make such passionate presentation) followed by concrete actions.

And People are still searching for a Teleprompter – If you heard this address in Ayodhya, any True Hindu would know

Yes. Political illiteracy and sheer incompetence of Sonia & Co is no alternative for a leaping lion like India. People knew it a decade ago. And even your one time close aide Chiddu endorsed it too recently

India is Bharat and a Hindu Rashtra. More emotionally intelligent and competent than all super powers put together.