Prasnamarga and Historicity

This thread on Twitter was written when a Commie in Saffron protagonist, a newbie lawyer who with half baked knowledge of deracinated laws began seeking history of certain practices in Temples. His logic, if it is not dated to a time he cannot remember, it is not acceptable. Height was when he mocked much revered, time tested traditions of the state that feeds him (both bread for living and political affiliation that is supposed to uphold those traditions)

It began when he bluffed about an outcome of a Devaprashnam, and his advise on Sabarimala which his mentor took seriously and shot his mouth off, which was beginning of his steep downward slide. Despite changing the stance subsequently damage was done to him and there was no reversal.

(You can read about the power and accuracy of Devaprashnam, the Prasnamarga of the Jyotisha Shastra in my piece #KeralaFloods: Devaprashnam – Conversation with the Divine in Sabarimala & Warnings Ignored)

I cannot endorse nor refute the Shastra since I consider myself absolute ineligible to even talk about it leave alone judge it. Just reproduced the Facts as it were.

When he tried to cosy up when someone jumped in to defend his contempt (see next tweet). Fact that all those supported him realised what he was and deleted their tweets in support
And he did not have any information yet dissed a time tested and much honored tradition!

Not sure what was the argument of that tweep. But my clarification is here

Adding some related tweets on the subject