Patrata and Disciple

This thread on Twitter was written, when someone claimed to be blessed by a Acharya (considered as God who walked the earth) of a Renowned Matha and goes berserk thinking it is a missile that can be used at will. No Sir. As life is showing a mirror, you realise you cannot use any Guru’s blessings frivolously (if at all there indeed was a blessing as being claimed). The Hashtag was used on Twitter in the context of the Save Sabarimala Tradition movement when this so called blessed devotee got it all wrong.

My thoughts on how blessings can work. An Englightened Guru gives His/Her Shishya gives unconditionally. But it works depending on the Shishya that we are. Sharing Original Tweet and also the Tweet Text (and a screenshot, just in case the Twitter account is compromised or taken down)