PALS and Art of Living – Part 1

This part is a Pre-read for PALS and Art of Living – Part 2

1) Media Ownership in India-An Overview: by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

2) Media ownership and their financials

With hitherto undisclosed (but known to all) Quirky Financial model, which other business can survive for years? Making huge losses, year after year but Editors & Promoters of these media houses living a lavish life, some rumored to live in 56 Crore Bungalows that even the richest  man in the world (as I write this piece) Bill Gates would envy.

As clear from the pieces, these Media houses survive only based on dubious and undisclosed or disguised sources of funds. Obviously the backers almost always are those with an agenda driven by Vatican or those NGOs like Ford Foundation, World Vision, Greepeace , Amnesty International and so on, who pump funds through their “Friends” to carry out their sinister single point of demeaning and demoralizing the local populace wherever they operate, in what I label as continued “Macaulay’zation” of minds. 

We never had dearth for those greedy ones amongst us, in the Media or those Liberals wanting to be seen as hep and westernized, to play along and entrench those thoughts. Anglicized and now Italianized Congress, Redundant Communists in their vulgar desire for power further ensured that every Institution of India were infiltrated by their ambassadors and the indoctrination was absolute and complete, from the time they are in Schools right when they occupy highest positions in their career – Look down upon anything Indian, anything traditional as being unscientific, superstitious or even barbaric. It is not my case that everything is hunky dory with our traditions and beliefs, but let us not forget their culture and traditions have far more stuff that we can pick on. What else explains “Star” journalists, abusing Prime Minister in Madison Square Garden brazenly or gleefully watch adversary neighbour calling our PM a Dehati Aurat. Remember that India is infested with such parasites who run a campaign for years in support of a “Damned” terrorist belonging to particular denominations but go after the agencies when those incarcerated for 8 years without even a chargesheet are released.

 Sample these



Now you know how dangerous deeply indoctrinated Media & Liberals are to this nation. The biggest shock to them was when the unthinkable happened. The Italian born Sonia Gandhi, her family & the real “Bhakts” of India were shown their rightful place reducing them to bus-load Party in the Parliament. Rubbing salt to their wounds, was that a very ordinary Chaiwalah Narendra Modi ji became the Prime Minister with his party on its own bagging a simple majority, despite a vicious Anti-Modi campaign for 12 long years by the Barkhas, Rajdeeps, Mehtas, Puries and Bals in league with liberals like Teesta & Co. What made them feel worse was that Modi made the Main Stream Media redundant and started speaking to citizens directly via Social Media – no more of Editor colored views. Real news were put out directly by the citizens for consumption of citizens, regulated by citizens. Elitist production and consumption of news were reduced to dust. Adding to their woes was the earnestness with which the damage done over 60 long years by the Nehru Gandhi family who had the media and liberals by the scruff of their necks, was being undone, course correction began and all the misdeeds of the past began surfacing. The much diefied Family were demystified, Corrupt were brought to books, Media that were on the leash held by the Family and their wrongs were exposed on the Social media, it was not just exposure, many uncomfortable questions that were raised – some ran away after abusing and then played victim. But No! those refrains from Paid Media came unstuck. A resurgent India with well-informed youth were not so gullible. They had the access to right History and power to force the change. This was challenging the world order. American hegemony was disturbed – the scare crow of communism or Islamic terror was a bogey that Indian youth refused to bite. Unrestrained power that Media and Liberals under their control slowly started to crumble. Out of power Congress became very desperate – they even went to Pakistan seeking help to topple Narendra Modi Government and another praises Nawaz Sharif (not issues there) but condemning India? Suddenly majority Hindus became intolerant, Churches were attacked (different matter that some disgruntled elements within did it), Dalit attacks stage managed (a domestic dispute made out as planned attack) and sadly for them, they had eggs on the face very soon, but not before some damage to image of India. When Americans or even Pakistanis started preaching tolerance and peace, we know how rabid Power-hungry family & their cronies can get.

What happened was that their future looked bleak. Harnessing India’s demographic dividend created hopes in the youth – unlike congress days when Pseudo-Socialism created a sense of fear of bleak future and kept them unsettled. This was a huge constituency for them to lose. Nehruvian History ensured that they are draw to Left-liberal thoughts, which essential also means anything Indian has to be looked down upon. Today youth are proud of being India. There is reverse brain-drain. Opportunities to contribute are generated. Majority community became assertive from being submissive to whims and fancies of vote bank minorities. Liberalism slowly but surely is going out of fashion. Media is redundant. So expect more attacks on the entire eco-system that creates or transforms youth into a “Virat” thinker.

This forms the context for my  PALS and Art of Living – Part 2 piece


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