The World Culture Festival

By Neelam Dowlani

WCF-01The World Culture Festival is expected to have a presence of over 3.5 million people, to gather from across the world at New Delhi, from 11-13 March 2016. A majestic stage of 7 acres will be set, which is 304,920 square feet for those of you who are trying so hard to visualise the vastness. The colourful diverse stage will assemble an array of politicians, dignitaries, spiritual leaders, musicians, artists and other important contributors of the world.

Now the question that arises; how is this possible?  It is only possible when a renowned spiritual leader such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar decides to host such an event.  As he did in 2008 to celebrate Art of Living‘s 25th Anniversary, hosting a crowd of 2.5 million people at Bangalore, in Jakkur airfield.


A peaceful gathering of over 3.5 million people; the voice of peace to speak loud and clear.  We no longer can be the lukewarm peaceful citizens of the world. We now need to be passionate, loud and clear about the necessity for peace.

If it’s not for us, then it’s for our children. Do we want our children to live in fear of terror? Or do we want our children to have a future of security, trust, friendship, belongingness.  The World Culture Festival represents the future we want.  If such a grand gathering for peace can take place on this scale then we are making ourselves heard.  Our children have not just hope but a reality in front of them of the future that we dream of as a possibility in front of them.


There is such a great joy in being a part of a celebration that is so magnificent, and larger than life. It is a dream that has turned into a reality.

Travelling the world, experiencing different cultures expands the mind.  So is eating different foods, flavours, learning others ways that vary so vastly. The World Culture will be a display of this diversity. The festival will show that it is not tolerance but acceptance with joy of all religions, cultures and traditions and their unconditional embrace that brings in infinite harmony and peace in this world.


This event will undermine the voice of terror and bring enormous strength to the powerful voice of peace.   It is not that the world is full of bad people, in fact quite the contrary. It is the good people who don’t get together to make their voice heard. This voice of peace will reach people not just visually, but will also create a wave of harmony which would reach the remote corners of the world. These waves of peace are required in trying times like now where wars are being fought like games and games like war.

Today the Internet, social media and globalisation have made the world smaller than ever. We now know real time what is happening across the world.  Where there is suffering and loss of lives in the world. Do we not feel their pain or experience sadness over the happenings?  We are all connected through human values, regardless of colour, creed and religion. We need to make it loud clear that the world is one world family connected through the human essence.  We are connected by breath and breath is universal.

And breath is the essence of Yoga.  Let us all come together for this breath taking event  in the land where Yoga began.

For information of those who tuned in late:

The World Culture Festival 2016 is a celebration of The Art of Living’s 35 years of service to humanity. The festival will bring together people from different cultures, nations and faiths as a one world family in a resounding message of peace.

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