It doesn’t take much – To M.A.D

For the last two weeks, the road in which we live is in an unspeakable state…see picture.

Indian middle class is used to road digging, BBMP, BSNL, BWSSB, BESCOM…one or the other is usually digging the roads, what’s extraordinary here is the car parked in front of the JCB…again see picture

Blocked! You can go to hell
I am the Government! You can go to hell Attitude

The tipping point for the residents came when the Cauvery water line was broken in the process and the water tankers refused to supply water in our lane as actually the road was not commutable.

No Water? Drink Coke - Antoneitte Style
Drink Coke if you don’t have water – Marie Antoinette

All our requests fell on deaf ears, shouting residents got back to children, school & office, that’s when with an extraordinary courage, Hema parked her car right in front of the working JCB and challenged them “let me see how you will move another inch”

The Brave One - Who made a difference
The Brave One – Who made a difference

And, actually that’s all it took, for them to respond, in less than 3 hrs, arrangements for water and 4 wheel passage was made for our commute.

Volunteer for A better India (VBI) , it doesn’t take much, … to Make.A.Difference

(Hema is a Senior Faculty of The Art of Living and an ardent disciple of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji)

Story Credits : Madhubala who share this inspirational story on Facebook originally.

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