Keeping #AAP on Leash – FCRA route

A particular FCRA case of interest – One of the “possible” Reasons why #AAP is doing what it is doing

“Sec 2(j)(x) of FCRA only defines a citizen of another country as a foreign source and not a citizen of India even if resident abroad .So acceptance of any donation from a non resident Indian Citizen is fully permissible” – Thus spake the “Great Lawyer” Shanti Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan tried to argue in court that they had been cleared of these charges in IAC times. Ha ha ha! Suddenly they remembered  India Against Corruption

Hon’ble judge gave him some reminder on the Law No money from overseas sources can be accepted by any political party. Judge also reminded this renowned lawyer that IAC was not a political party, and donations went to PCRF (yes! Delhi Chief Minister’s NGO – which swaha’ed Rs 200 Crores). Court further said AAP is a political party and will be investigated for its sources of funding from 26th Nov ’12 – the day party was formed.

Next Bhushans came with a weird logic – If NRIs now have the right to vote (since 2010) then they have equally right to fund candidates for local elections and hence their money is not from a “foreign source”. Judge was scathing and asked Prashant Bhushan to read the definition of “foreign source” in FCRA. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME BHUSHANS ATTENDED THE HEARING and only sent their juniors thereafter.


Compulsions of AAP is now clear 🙂 We know where is the leash controlling them. FCRA (under MHA).  Note that every top AAP brass has various cases of Arsoning, Rioting, Damage to Public Property cases. So the entire pack will continue to be on tight leash. Chief Minister of Delhi Sri Kejriwal who shouted from rooftops that Ex-CM Sheila Dikshit’s rightful place of residence is in Prison, is seeking evidences from others.

Birth of a political party “with a Difference” is with this Congenital defect – A significant Trip-up on an elementary aspect of Law. Can I then trust them to govern (under the ambit of law and constitution)? A Resounding NO (was the answer I received after a so-called IT professionals meet (Call it Mohalla Sabha, to be linguistically right)

A “Not-to-be-Missed” footnote to this Saga: PCRF doesn’t have a FCRA number (to my knowledge and based on interaction I had with those folks)

Acknowledging this piece (November 2nd 2011) which in many ways was a real Eye-opener and initiated my withdrawal from this movement when all questions were shot down and over a period of time, ignored by these honest Top Brass (of today)

Anna Hazare-IAC’s latest audited accounts has SCAM written all over it

And this (November 29th 2011)

Arvind Kejriwal-Manish Sishodia wants more money: Another fast

||AAP Khush Raho||