True Story of A.R.K

This story has nothing to do with the ARK that sunk. This ship, ARK, was brave enough not to sink under unthinkable pressure exerted on them by swirling waters called life and came out with flying colours and decided to share it with me. Yes, this is the story of a family of three, and this story gets the name from their first letters in their names – Anand, Ritu and Krisha

This story is one with a great difference unlike my other ones that I posted earlier here.

Thanks Anandji, Ritu-ji and Krisha for permitting me to share this story here to serve as an inspiration and a lesson to all of us. And a source of support to some of my other unfortunate friends in esatsang. I sought the permission to post this story specifically for a couple of my friend whom I have already been in correspondence privately. I hope they read and draw inspiration from this great story of ARK

This great trio also sends us all a great gift which has been attached (check the forum topic of the same name not attached here). The significance of this attachment would be clear as you read on. Have a look, admire and save it as a desktop to remind the story of this great ship, ARK. Here we go sailing in Anandji’s own words.

Below is my personal experience of Journey. I am EX-cancer patient.

Jai Guru Dev

I am fortunate , I am blessed to experience the grace of master. Guruji – The divine abode. Seven months ago this wonderful experience occurred to me and it transformed my life – more correctly I was reborn.

I was to travel to New York on November 25th and November 24th morning (the next day of my birthday) I was on bed with a swollen stomach and two days later it was solid like a rock. As per the specialists in Sharjah (Where I live) the blood tests and sonography did not reveal anything. But things got more bad and I was having difficulty even while sleeping and breathing. Whole of my stomach and abdomen was bloated like a balloon full of air. God bless Dr. Sanjay Pawa a MBBS from India who saw me here and immediately asked me to leave for India without any revelations.

In Mumbai blood tests reports were not good but still it did not reveal anything and now I was referred to specialist hepatobiliary & consultant gastroenterolgist. Dec 8th I gave blood for nearly 24 blood tests and next day I had CT scan and PET scan.

Some reports required special process and all data was ready by Dec 14th. Doctor asked me to go for liver biopsy since they are unuable to conclude. Things got bad and I was referred to Dr. Samir Shah another specialist hepatobiliary & consultant gastroenterolgist. Another series of blood tests and immediately I was asked to get admitted into Jaslok hospital. More blood tests , more scanning and sonography and still the problem in me was unidentified. What was happening no one was sure or rather apprehensive to assume ? Jan 2nd 2006 liver biopsy was done and Jan 5th, 2006 the excruciating painful process of bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy.

My wife , Ritu , revealed to me on Jan 14th morning that I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Liver Cancer.

I hugged her tight, eyes flowing with tears and throat choked. My mind was revolving around Ritu and my three year old angel Khrisha. Suddenly a voice from inside said, you have to fight it back. There is only one path and I can only move forward with courage and to get cured.

To make matters worse I had severe jaundice and my whole body was yellow. My oncology doctor was Dr. S.H. Advani a man considered as king of oncologists respected and known in USA & UK too.

My chemo therapy started on Jan 21, 06 and it was 5 days chemo cycle and I had to undergo 8 cycles each after 21 days gap & with 14 spine injections. After my first chemo in 18 days I lost 24 kgs. Pain which would eminate right from the core of my bones. I couldn’t take it. I told Ritu I want to opt for Euthanasia, Mercy Killing. Tears flowing like stream and unable to talk she asked that even for Krisha & her I don’t want to live. Ritu told me – just surrender all your problems to Guruji.

While my ongoing chemo and 20 days before silver jubilee function I woke up at 3.00 am in my hospital room, I have to make a big portrait of Guruji and sent it to Bangalore Ashram before the function. I was looking all around many pictures of guruji and finally selected one around 4.45 am. The same day around 2.00 pm after my failure to reach all good artists in Mumbai I called a very old friend of mine whom I did not meet in last 10 years. I asked him to help me and getting this portrait done which only had guruji’s face. The portrait was ready in size of 8ft x 7ft and my sister in law and niece placed it near Vishalakhsmi Mantap (attached is portrait pic). And only while writing the experience now, today I realise, that I had smashed guruji’s photo in June 2005 and same one to arrange a portrait for silver jubilee.

Next day Persee a full time art of living volunteer and teacher , had come to hospital for healing and before leaving he advised that prayers from soul , prayers from most inner self of you which are pure come out of gratitude or greivance. He told me just pray and surrender.
I started doing my kriya and slow chant pranayama regularly and religiously. At times my condition was so bad that for weeks and months I did kriya and chant pranayama while lying on bed.

Ritu went to Rishikesh to meet Guruji and to do advance course in early march. I needed it , She needed it, as she had been keeping oceans of tears in her heart and camouflaged a brave face in front of me. She had to go this time because in german ashram in 2000 while advance course Guruji had approved and blessed for our marriage. It is said that when we take 1 step the master crosses oceans to reach you. She was sitting on banks of ganga and next moment Guruji was next to her. After hearing everything he told “Anand ko bolo Kriya kare, Sadhana Kare. Main hoon Na.”

My new journey had begun. My transformation started which I didn’t know. Now lot many times when I do kriya or chant pranayama tears would keep flowing. This happened for weeks & months. These were my true prayers from greivance. I experienced what it is when the deepest core of your inner self prays in pain, in sickness, in misery. Every word, every cell of it is pure. During my treatment I desired even a glimpse of guruji from far. . June 2006 I saw guruji in mumbai satsang venue from 10 feet and there was nobody around us. The gracious smile and sparkle from his eyes touched my heart and kindled my soul and the words of assurance were there, “Main Hoon Naa”.

Many times doctors had to admit on the spot as my blood counts and bodies self sustainance power was next to 0 and had to be given immediate doses of anti biotics and blood transfusion. Even at these moments I use to feel energetic and okay. This was guru’s grace.
Even the king of onco, who said initially that my stage of disease was life threatening & was very apprehensive if I will even get thru 2nd cycle of chemo.

Today after 8 chemo cycles , and hundreds of blood tests I am clinically all cured. I was so weak that I couldn’t even hold a pen and take a step without support. My chemo got over on July 17 2006 and exactly on August 15th 2006 I am now driving on UAE roads. Some weakness but this too will fade away in time.

I was eager to go for an advance course after my treatment. I called Dubai centre to find out for Basic course for my friend and in turn I was told about Advance course. I did this course and the experience has put me on a new world all together. I felt guruji’s presence with me while meditation. Holding my hands and dancing with me. Tears would roll again and this time these were tears of gratitude.

This course has bonded me further with my guru.

Jai Guru Dev.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes