As you prepare to bid Good Bye to your Teenage

Dearest Vishnu

It indeed is a very different and more special Birthday, for it is the first time we celebrate it with you about 14000 kms away. It seems like yesterday, this day 19 years back that a little bundle of joy was delivered to us, gift wrapped by the Divine – those moments when we felt life has been extremely kind to us (which still is). Just as time flew, you spread your wings and flew too – a flight for good reasons. Well! We are proud of whatever you did in life thus far, most importantly for being a wonderful Human Being. Blessed that you are right from the beginning by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I still remember He saying, let him go (though deep inside, I wished He said no) He will do well and bring great name to the himself and the country. We only wish you continue to be a great Human Being while excelling in your Education and career.

All set to launch

As they say, it is a milestone year for everyone your age – on the brink of getting out of your teenage and entering the adulthood. I am proud you had a level head on that broad shoulder. Decisions taken definitely are not easy ones, giving up seats that people here die for and venture into the unknown territory to chart a new course. In the short time, and if indications of the progress you have already made is any indication, we are proud of the decision you took and on this birthday, wishing you the best that the creation has in offer.

As you walked waving a good bye to all of us in the airport terminals, is when we realised that it is not the little son (for your proud parents) or little baby brother (for your adorable sister) but a young handsome man out to conquer the world, an individual determined and a wonderful soul set to spread his wings to fly out into the world.

While there, I remember how we used to sit together for quite number of times thinking what to do next in each every move that was made. We were proud that you were very clear in a carefully thought out manner on what to do next. Hope you continue to think through clearly and take the next step, however big or small. The beauty of it all was the cool but firm thinking of Amma who made you realize that there are no free lunches in the world and everything has to be earned for – in other words, not to develop a sense of entitlement.

You have everything bestowed & going for you, thanks to the blessings of all elders in the family, Gurudev and Divine – Talent, Capability, Humaneness and Commitment. We are sure you will put it to good use and emerge with flying colors.

From all of us here Wishing you a very happy birthday young man. Have a great one! Happy Nineteen!

Have a lovely day dearest Vishnu. May the year ahead bring you loads and loads of happiness, joy and success. And this song РA perfect fit to the occasion