#PCWedsNDTV – Unending Saga of Ex-NDTV Journo’s Journey of (Un)truths

There was this guy an Ex-NDTV Journalist (If I can call him one) who was trying to bull-doze his way into lying, then abusing and then crying victim all behind a “Impregnable” (atleast that is why he thought) fort of lies he erected around his original lies.

This piece is not judging any players involved but placing plain facts before readers – Request to see this just as that. But what I definitely intend to do is to call the bluff of this journalist, based on strongest evidence.


The entire debate was re-triggered in recent times (Jan 5th, 2014 to be precise),  after Sri Gurumurthy ji shared Sri Ram Jethmalani letter to Finance Minister P. Chidambaram regarding NDTV money laundering.


Click on the Picture to read Original tweet (if it still exist)

You can read copy of Sri Ram Jethmalani’s letter to Finance Minister P Chidambaram here 

We knew something was amiss when Finance Minister’s oblique (and culprit-like dismissive) response to Sri Ram Jethmalani’s letter. Sri Ram Jethmalani shred PC response to pieces.

Click on the Picture to read Original tweet (if it still exist)

You can read copy of Sri Ram Jethmalani shredding apart Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s reply here

Now that the premise is set, this Ex-NDTV Journo set on a tirade, setting Twitter ablaze with a litany of lies, threats and “failed” sarcasm. Social media was upto this game which hitherto was ruled by the Paid media. The entire debate on Twitter was hashtagged #PCWedsNDTV and slowly but surely every single bluff was being called. Needless to say, though it was a trending topic on Twitter,


Diverting from the purpose of this piece a bit – Did we see even a whimper from any Main Stream Media on this subject? Though unacceptable, perfectly understandable. OMERTA – if they speak about NDTV, it is a cinch skeletons in every Paid Media’s cupboard will tumble out.

Back to the story….It was during this #PCWedsNDTV debate that the Ex-NDTV journo tweeted an unsolicited response to  Sri S Gurumurthy (Prophetically, I had tweeted right away that this would come to haunt him soon) 

Letter in the bottom not in Original tweet
Added to make it readable). Click pic for Original Tweet (if it still exist)

And then he set out on a raging debate justifying a couple of things about the Officer who assessed Income Tax returns of NDTV. He starts with a threat to sue (for sharing a document in public domain)

Click pic for Original Tweet (if it still exist)
Click pic for Original Tweet (if it still exist)

And when he realized legally that was a dud! Launches on to some defense that was pathetic (on hindsight, it was abominable as you would realize later in this piece) – He claimed in a series of tweets thus:

Tweet 1: “bt she ws nt assessing ndtv wn I ws thr. Wrng. Srivastava ws chargesheetd by vigilance. Lies spd by him”

Tweet 2: her boss ws assessing it. Nt her. She jst signed refund tht means nthing. Alphabet “n” fell in her domain


Click pic for Original Tweet (if it still exist)

He tried to hold forte, but unfortunately for him it was not an anchored show on MSM. With more evidences pouring in, he cried victim and vamoosed and thought the matter would die a natural death

The finale: RTI response received cleared indicates all the above from this Ex-NDTV Journo was a blatant lie. Here is the copy of RTI response with sections highlighted.

NDTV 1.46 crores refund RTI - 1 of 2

NDTV 1.46 crores refund RTI - 2 of 2

A note on Item 10 on page 2 of the RTI response above

The refund of Rs. 14682836/- to NDTV passed by “her”  DCIT is ILLEGAL because:

As per the Supreme Court judgement in the case of Commissioner of Income Tax vs Gujarat Electricity Board of 12th November 2002 (see order: http://indiankanoon.org/doc/1244968/), no order u/s 143 (1)(a) can be passed once a notice u/s 143 (2) is issued. In this case notice u/s 143 (2) was issued by Shri Hemant K. Sarangi, Addl.CIT on 13.12.2004 and order of refund u/s 143 (1)(a) was passed by “her”, DCIT on 28.03.2005.

Interestingly NDTV’s case for AY 2004-2005 was already being handled by Shri Hemant K. Sarangi, Addl. CIT, senior of “her”, DCIT and therefore she could not have attended to the case as there cannot be more than one assessing officer in a case at the same time!

Readers can now judge on the claims of this Ex-NDTV journo

  1. Wasn’t this journo in employment of NDTV when this assessment was made
  2. Wasn’t the “She” assessing officer contrary to what he claimed
  3. Wasn’t “she” the one who raised the refund order,
  4. Wasn’t “she” the one who signed the refund order, not by virtue of letter “n” but as one who raised it???

Watch this space!!! More of such Facts Coming Up!

Puts a Commercial block buster to shame – PCWedsNDTV is a massive cover-up involving all ingredients of a popular Masala Thriller.

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