Legend of Kelukutty

Prompted to write this piece (compilation of my Tweets in February 2023 on the subject) because of an ill-advised move to issue eviction notice, considering the antiquity of this Temple Shri Kelukutty Bhandaramurthy temple, existing much before Railways was even thought of.

Main Devalaya-Kelukutty Sree Bhandaramurthy temple.

We find so many places of worship of other religions bang in the middle of the platforms that are spared but why this heritage temple of great vedic and agamic value, located outside normal area of operations, an in existence much before in time, is being targetted by Ministry of Railways. This is more painful especially since Mazhars on Prayaraj Station Platforms is considered an obstruction that can be spared!!! Why allow some Commie leaning officer run amok like this and bring wrath of Bhaktas upon Central Government who may not be even aware of this (a lot of them believe in this Devalaya, where even a Guliga pratishta exist)

The Railway Platform and Temple
Who encroached? Temple existing >300 years ago or Railways established in 1904
Notice of Eviction

It is more than what meets our eyes. If we trace back in History of such demands by the Ministry, the 1st attempt to evict the Temple was made by Railways in 1970s. Pertinent to hightlight here about a particular Agenda Peddling Reclaimer (hereinafter called APR) handle, for reasons best known to them (and me too) keep peddling Anti-BJP agenda and link everything to the Government of the day even on routine administrative or judicial processes. APR share an ill-researched and unsubstantiated claim in public that an eviction Notice was 1st issued by British. Looked for such information in the archives and the first ever such notice was in 1970. Maybe APR handle got it from British or it is their attempt to equate BJP to British, so much for their “Cause” and so called Hindu Temple Protection agenda. APR handle conveniently skips mentioning under whose regime the 1st notice came about while subsequent notices clearly attributes BJP Government (also claims Modi responsible discretely) as if the Government of the day issues routine operational orders. It is such protectors who damage the cause even more – their arguments are being used in courts to declare that law is matter of letter and spirit, not matter of emotions or based on some unsubstantiated assertions of Activist handles. And in administration, any older notice even if Government changes, is actioned till closure one way or the other – this is basic fact. So why was the notice not withdrawn is an obvious question? Obvious answer is It is Sub-Judice.

The same handle has shared the following synopsis submitted in court (not on some Social media handles), but paraphrases British made the first claim to sex up their content and for follower baiting. When the synopsis in court clearly indicates chronology, unless they want to call BJP = British, there is no reason to bring in British by these APR bunch. If there is some other agenda, they should better use more intelligent ways to peddle that. Not Idiotic stuff like this. No wonder every arms of our system can easily get away with murdering Hindu Issues.

Synopsis – Kelukutty Shri Bhandaramurthy Temple Case – WPC 34960/2022

Thankfully, the relevant true fighters on the ground got in touch with me and it was taken up at the top level right away. Arguments in the courts as mentioned earlier is matter of head and not of heart however emotional the subject may be.

They shared the legend behind this temple, sharing which is the purpose of this piece. Thanks to them, this adds more value legally and also for making a representation with the Ministry. Irony of it all – Malabar Devaswom trying to protect this Devalaya from demolition and Railways trying to demolish it claiming encroachment. (The reason for this statement can be guessed)

The Main Temple
PC: Twitter

The Kelukutty Legend

This Devalaya is atleast 300 years old (some say more than 500 years based on Kelukutty legend). Kelukutty was an ardent devotee and one who was an exponent of Tantra Agama with proven Supernatural Powers. This temple is Samadhi Sthala of this great Person too

Bhandara (Vasoori) Murthi is Kodungallooramma (Devi). The significance and attraction of this temple is the lustre of both Devotee and the Goddess, Kodungallooramma’s Chaitanya radiating together

This place was originally called Varaikal and the entire stretch was owned by Poozhikunnathhu family, a prominent Thiya community landlord. The ancestral home of this family (which no longer exist) had a Guliga and also Sarpa (Serpent) temples. The Guliga and Sarpa Kaavu which was on the North Eastern direction of the then Ancestral home exist to this day. Kelukutty was a member of Poozhikunnathhu family who lived 300 years ago (This time is critical since Railways was established only in 1904) With his Mantra and Yoga Siddhi, was a physician for everyone in Varaikal.

One day, this ardent Bhakta of Bhadrakali (Kodungallooramma), Kelukutty contracted Small Pox which in those days was a fatal disease and meant certain death. As was the practice, afflicted Kelukutty was isolated to hutment in the Eastern corner of the family property.

Leave alone going near, No one would dare to even set their eyes on the diseased and food, water and even medicine would not be available due to it. However Kelukutty is believed to have survived by chanting Bhadrakali japa. It is believed that Kelukutty merged with Bhadrakali. After he attained ripe age, he left his mortal remains and was buried there. A platform was built at the location where he was buried and it displayed a lot of supernatural powers.

Since it attained Divine significance, people began lighting lamps and worship in this location. The eastern corner where hutment was built and Kelukutty was isolated and where he merged into Divine form of Kodungallooramma is where the present temple stands.

It is believed that lamp was first lit by a Tamizh lady and gradually due to power of fruition of prayers, Labourers prayed at this place before they left to work. Poozhikunnathhu family built a mantapam and it became a regular Devalaya ever since.

Upadevalayas in the temple. Though there were only Kelukutty Bhandaramurthi temple and Nagaraja and Gulika in the Northern side, after a Devaprashnam Upadevalayas for Kalabhairava, Kondungallooramma, Varaikalamma, Shiva, Pookutti, Karinkutti was consecrated.

However the sanctum sanctorum is Merged form of Devotee and Devi, the pooja is performed for Peetha, Anklet (Silambu & Kaltala)

Story Courtesy: The above legend is Translated from Malayalam version of the text sent by a dear friend

Because of the beauty of the location British made this wonderful locale one of their settlement and built this Railway Station, renamed it to West Hill (and the Problems began).

Utsavam in the Temple
Picture Courtesy – Devotee managing their FB Page

Utsavam of the Shri Kelukutty Bhandaramurthy Kaavu – 2023
(Courtesy: Youtube – link in the channel)

Legal Position as on date:

Courts have been hearing it regularly and currently the matter is in the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala who has issued 5 Interim orders and currently status quo is being maintained.

Interim Order – 1 dated 3rd November 2022
Interim Order – 2 dated 9th November 2022
Interim Order – 3 dated 24th November 2022
Interim Order – 4 dated 19th December 2022
Interim Order – 1 dated 17th February 2023
Latest at the time of writing this piece