Carnatic Sadhak cum rasika’s take down of Dumeels

This was a discussion or a debate I had about 3 years back after I shared the link to the recording of Thyagaraja Aradhana in Thiruvaiyaaru. The second part there was a music reviewer who tried to threaten a rasika for his article in India Facts, with legal action. We desmystified what real art is and for all we care her legal note will find itself in its rightful place – shredded and in the trash bin. Read on

Sharing some thoughts on what it means as a student in the context of Preachy @raghavasimhan_t googling and trying to show off. Nothing personal but general thoughts
Long held tradition maintained with “Spiritual fervor and purity” by the organisers. For the real student that is biggest tribute one can offer to Saint Thyagaraja
There was this Gyani who was focussing on the riches, jewellery on display and cribbed about lack of Bhakti. Ironical that his person focussed on things other than music. For real student of music, nothing but music matters
The atmosphere is unbelievably eclectic (be there to experience, no words can ever describe what it is to be there) If your focus is on its music value, you have something in it for you.
This gentleman is doing a great disservice to Saint Thyagaraja by reducing his great work to ability and diction of an artiste. By there logic Instrumental concerts cannot exist. His compositions were beyond lyrics – it was for the soul
A true Connoisseur of Carnatic concert will focus less on what an artiste wears or displays. They judge and enjoy the aesthetics of the music (not the musicians)
Carnatic Music (for that matter any music) is meant for ears and soul (I would say it is even beyond) and not for eyes or your skin. Then you have a total musical experience. You also respect an artiste for what they are. A True Sadhak
Salutes to every single artiste who come and participate, maintaining the tradition here year after year. It is not about Perfection. It is about Devotion. Else next generation would have lost this wonderful gift
Throwing lyrics around and display of knowledge on Twitter is no match for those artistes sitting on the banks of River Cauvery and rendering #PancharatnaKritis to the best of their ability. Yes. It is matter of giving. Not bothered about how.
As a percussionist practicisng for 40+ years, I know the years of hard sincere Sadhana a Vocalist or Violinist or flautist or Sitarist or Saxaphonist or other lead instrumentalists puts in.
An artiste begins as an artiste and becomes the art itself. Singer becomes Song, Dancer becomes dance. That is true essence and spirit. This can never be achieved or experienced on Twitter or on Google or even intellectually.
Quoting Sri Devadasan Chatanadath Music is actually decibels arranged in a particular fashion and it has a relationship with Mathematics since the composer need to size and re-size and then arrange the decibels accordingly to induce happiness in the listener.
Quoting Sri Devadasan Chatanadath (Contd.) Truly speaking, it is the sound waves that induce the effect, which we call music, in us. It is due to this reason, it is said that music does not have language and reason we enjoy music in “any language”
Quoting Sri Devadasan Chatanadath (Contd.) “Music does what it is expected to do even when we do not understand the language!” Beautifully explained…So gentleman focus on what is… Not what can be (as per your intellect)
Here is the complete recording of today’s Aradhana

A discussion with a music Critique who could not stand a debate for a while but temporarily blocked and ran away and later comes back to lock her account and scoot to Instagram

Music Critiques can be very very harsh on artistes especially when they don’t conform, more so in tradition steeped Carnatic Music circuit. For those who think it is defamatory need to go back to school. Raga, Thala, Sahiti, Artiste, Rasikas – All of them are critiqued
It is something that even artistes understand. And something considered very risky is experimentation. Those taking that risk should definitely be open to damning criticism too. If it clicks, a star is born. Tampering with compositions of Trinity is considered a big NO!!!
And regarding a particular piece written by an author of good standing @upanishadist it was exactly that. A rasika aggrieved by wanton tampering and disrespecting of the Tradition and Dharma itself. Probably triggered by one of the artiste needling public at large
I examined the piece of @upanishadist once again. As I see, it is purely critic of the “act” not the actor, the liberty taken by the artiste has been criticised not the artiste as a person (I don’t think he gives a damn to them as a rasika)
Remember! That is the reason why a particular artiste conceded and apologised for taking liberty with Sahitya of Thyagaraja (notwithstanding a lame justification that both are set to different raga and hence not tampered)

This is what triggered the above Thread. This lady know it all of music, taking baby steps was threatening @upanishadist a connoisseur and ardent rasika taking exception to wanton tampering of sahityas of much revered Trinity of Carnatic Music

Some one teach this lady Jack whatever on what defamation suit means. (She deleted these tweets) and brings in a lawyer to argue for her on TL. What an apology he turned out to be. Read on
I’m a lawyer. Defamation is when unfounded degradation of a person’s reputation is made on a public forum. This article is full of slander against TMK and Nithyasree. Calling TMK a Rowdy or speaking without any evidence of his “endowment” is definitely harm to his reputation.
Simple. Bring it on.. that was my first statement
Oh Saar! Tell the lady this defamatory piece stands a better chance in the eyes of law. Whereas Music Critiquing has not a chance
Saying that the song sung by Nithyasree is a “copy” without any understanding of music is currently defamatory to the composer. (if Nithyashree was the composer, she is at liberty to whatever the hell she wants with it. In any case, she apologised for that, but our Lawyer/Musician man went on and on)
Hahaha… I think some serious deficiency in argument here. Back to school
Composer… Singer…. Sir you seriously have a problem here. Now tell me insulting ones intelligence is Defamation or not
I don’t even want to go into the imputations against Nithyasree or the blatant falsehoods against the “Carnatic Music fraternity” in the piece. Actually, a whole host of people have been defamed by this.
And that is why there is a lawyer composer apology? Anyway as an artiste it is not appropriate for me to judge other artiste. But calling it defamatory is Stretching law from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
Not sure you got the right person to step in. With due respects to whatever his capabilities are (This was to @krupage)
Same language that you used to comment of the author. His knowledge of music was Jack something. So I thought as a artiste in the circuit for 40 years + is enough to know something about music. Nothing personal there. A word for just born wannabes who think they know it all. (She was referring to my 40+ years of experience in the circuit which possibly was more than her dad’s age. She used exactly same words while critiquing @Upanadhisht piece. In any case as can be seen, my tweets are still there and she deleted her abusive tweets and ran away).
40 years of experience probably more than Dad’s age is a compliment I thought… no? (Honestly, isn’t it? It only means she is too young to be using such language. Young is a compliment)
Here is where the discussion started and when we explained nothing Jack Shit about music critiquing ran away Image
Why did you deactivate Madam? (She had in the meanwhile deleted her tweet and deactivated her account. From threatening the author with legal action, she was chickening and running away, because not only legally, this thread was an expose of her Critiquing ability as well as knowledge of the subject)
You reactivated and follower/following count is yet to be updated. But tell me why did you run away? You asked some questions and I don’t think there was a word of abuse except clearly explaining you the nuances of traditional Indian Classical Music (Once again this was honest question. When there was never an abuse, which you never find on my TL anyway, she had no reason to scoot). Interesting person following her (I just saw while writing this blog)Image
Show me one tweet where I have attacked? You attacked, threatened some tweep about defamation. Rest assured you will not get away so easily after blabbering on matters related to music or law. It is a public platform
Someone will wait for battery to drain. Else please guide how to switch off 😛
Can someone tell @krupage that you don’t need to deactivate your account to have her lunch in peace. Simply log out 🙂 After music, law here is another topic that she needs urgent helpImage
Returned the favor
LOL! She tweeted this to promote an upcoming piece on The Wire (where else?) And she wrote a joke. Tampering Sahitya promotes someone’s political ambition would have been more appropriate ImageImage