Celebrating Her – Happy Birthday Aparna

As much as I resisted not to make myself predictable by writing a blog, I simply could not help but do it yet again this year to celebrate not just Aparna’s birthday but celebrate her  in our lives.

It has been a tough year for the family having lost our eldest brother unexpectedly (and untimely too) , but the way she stood up with us despite her own pain – this brother was the one who was the karta of our marriage – she bore it all within herself and it was thanks to her strong shoulders that helped me go through those difficult times.

This has been the feature of this amazing human being – when going gets tough, she steps back, ready to lend her unconditional support. Not just for the family but to anyone, as many who have experienced this can vouch.

She is a “100% in the moment and with the person” kind of a human being. When she is with you, she is so present – Her priority are very clear and never allows anything in the world to disrupt this, whatever the costs. Always the background person – especially with loud and flamboyant folks like me and children around her, she detest drawing attention to herself for anything. However, she has something to tell the kids, wherever she is

Over the years, we have realized here is an amazing human being – always ensures that even in the worst of situation, the glass is never seen empty, even when it is stone-dry; that is the kind of strength she lends us. And she has slowly opened up to having some fun moments like these

On this special day I thank the Divine for this precious gift to us. Thanks ,my late Brother – Sri Mohan, who brought her formally in to my life. I am sure wherever he is, must be proud to shower his blessings on Aparna on her birthday.

Have a super duper day, dearest Aparna. We adore you – just the way you are!

Loads of Love

And this gratitude is not complete without dedicating one of the songs in my collection of favorites.  This time a 1973 number ” Thanks for Being you”