Politically Incorrect begets deep wisdom…

Brilliant piece! Must read. @SriSri “supposed” statement that he rejected the offered Nobel prize


Latur: NobelPrize

A district  in rural Maharashtra – India, an epicenter of  drought stricken region, where the immediate priority is to reach aid and elevate the farmers from this ongoing crisis. The Art of Living Foundation have been tirelessly working for sometime to address the drought situation in rural India through powerful impact driven river rejuvenation projects across the country including Latur. The humanitarian crisis calls for immediate attention, relief measures and aid to address the dire situation of the farmers in India.

The Art f Living Foundation:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living, touching lives of over 20 million people in over 150 countries working for over 30 years creating a wave of oneness and happy smiles, travelling nonstop to every corner of the world to bring solace to millions of hearts goes to Latur last week. Sri Sri raised awareness, brought attention to the dire situation…

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