Happy One over Score, Dear Vishnu

Happy Twenty One!!!

It indeed is overwhelming moment coming up and wondering how to even begin writing this. Unbelievable that it is already 21 years to this day that I laid my eyes on you for the first time. Time flew is an understatement especially after you came into our lives that only got richer and richer, every moment. Blessed indeed we all are, for your joyful and naughty presence – I have so many to vouch for this.

Now as you go past an important milestone, it is reassuring that you are also past advises that we can give. You grew up, learnt many lessons the hard way and any advice to you would be almost redundant. It is a happy feeling for any parent or elder sisters, to get wise counsel from the apple of their eyes who grew right from baby in cradle to a handsome 21 year old, gym going, sports loving lad.

Cool and relaxed

One feature I wish you continue to nurture and develop is your humane nature. We saw this nature, ever since you went out into the world, many a times getting into trouble in trying to do good to others. While only cautioning to be a bit more careful, we earnestly pray that you remain such a loving dear, every ready to help and empathetic to the world around you, just as Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of The Art of Living advised you on one of your birthdays.

Another trait is not getting hassled during adversities, that has always helped you decide with a cool head and heart. Be it in academics or in sports or in fine arts or real life challenges we have seen you navigating it without much ado and achieving things in style. While you got everyone worried (almost panicky) on the even of examinations, coming back and setting everyone’s expectation low, you always performed the best as results were evident. Stay calm this way all your life, my dear one. It is not a gift everyone is blessed with. I pray sincerely that this gift is never lost.

Wading and floating over hurdles with a smile

It was with heavy heart that we let you go, respecting your decision to fly away to Universities 7 seas across as the saying goes. Notwithstanding technological advances where we continued to see you, hear you (singing and yelling playing games), there is nothing like being with us in flesh and blood. Life has never been the same ever since. And when the pandemic struck the world, and you staying 1000s of kilometers away only made us regret going away even more, despite all the assurances. When you had to miss Divya’s wedding it only made it worse. As you said, everything happens for good and we had to wait for the last Vande Bharat flight to get you back home and then 14 days of torture called Quarantine – so near yet so far. And the way both you and Di took charge of things when Pandemic struck your parents, no panic, no worries, simply action. Admirable you both were.

Thankfully we tided over those terrible days and thanks to the Pandemic, we have you here with us to celebrate your birthday today. On this wonderful day, A pat on your back and a grand salute as you turn 21 and making everyone of us proud, a handsome young man, with a king sized heart, a caring and intelligent mind and developing a charming persona. May the Divine and Gurudev bless you in Abundance – long, healthy, joyful and contented life. Have a super day and we pray that every moment of the year ahead is filled with days as special or better than today.

Thank you for the times when our roles get reversed. When you give us sound advice, thank you for taking charge and Thank you for Being You

Walking shoulder to shoulder as a Friend

I just realised it is really tough to write a lot when you are blessed to have someone like you in our lives. Signing off for now wishing you a great life ahead as a 21 years + Have a lovely day dear Son! Loads and loads of love