Happy Twenty Eight

It is never easy to find stronger words year after year when the bond gets stronger. Vocabulary fails each time an attempt it made to express what this journey and specially with a fellow traveller like Aparna.

Ever grateful to her and the Divine for taking the plunge this day 28 summers ago. Task to describe this amazing journey becomes tougher when she ensures that it gets better and better each moment.

This is the angel of my existence and of many lives around me. When going gets tough, we rest assured that a strong shoulder appears from nowhere to assure and boost our confidence. Different matter that in other times she finds ways to worry when there is nothing to worry (probably that is how she rehearses for tough times) This is a trait that has stood her and all of us in good stead.

Thank you Aparna for being there, For being a source of strength, For effing us to grow and most importantly For making us feel nice about ourselves.

Time just flew and it is tough to believe we cleared 28 summers in a jiffy with lovely addition of gems into this lovely garland that you wove together, along the way.

My customary song dedicated to you

No song would do justice to what you really are.

Happy 28th Anniversary and Wish you an unending Journey of bliss.

With the one who always steadied the boat however Choppy the water got

Loads and Loads of Love