Everyone has a Story… and it is Important!!!

The Individuality we so revere… is not entirely our own… many have invested in me”… I am the sum total of my ancestors, my parents, my teachers” – the opening lines that Ravinar (popularly known as mediacrooks) spoke during an event, still rings in my ears. He continued – Commies & Fiberal have always debased our Culture,History,Principles & Our Ancestors. Reclaim it. I am merely the “voice”.. the “thought process” was invested in me by sages, forefathers and ancestors… I AM… the reason THEY existed. Tell our Story.

Yours Truly Introducing Mediacrooks
Introducing Ravinar to the Audience (not that he needed it)

It was an event organized under the aegis of “Social Media for Social Good” series. And the venue couldn’t be more apt – at the International Ashram of the The Art of Living founded by Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. It is almost a week after 28th September 2014 that I heard that but the reverberations haven’t stopped.

So true! It is usually the stars and celebrities or some Publisher targeting authors,  whose story that we often care to listen. And it is almost certain that their story are not real stories at all – A sugar coated, apple polished version of truth (and most often lies peddled as truth). Do we really care to take some time out to listen to the stories that a commoner, like you and me, have to relate? For many, it is what those glamorous News readers have to lie on the Prime time News Channel (and the news maker that they promote) that is a story to be believed. Remember, there are stories that our Maid, our Neighbour, a fellow Passenger in the bus, an unassuming Colleague in office have. The story of their struggles and pains they underwent to get where they are. A first generation school going daughter my maid has, inspires greater than a Half Girl Friend Fiction by someone educated in a premier education can ever inspire. A colleague who was the first in 4 generations to have educated and become an Engineer worth his name, the way he paid his tuition fees, or my own daughter’s story of struggling to keep pace with her studies while pursuing her passion to dance – they all have a great story to tell – If only we care to listen. Story of a successful CEO or a Booker Prize winner are much lesser to count, – their story is almost always aided by a luxiry travel of wealth and comforts. Many exist right around us if only we care to open our eyes and ears with only themselves to rely on, have far better stories to tell – That is my story, That is your story.

And our story has to go beyond Social Media, which Ravinar says is only like an Aerial Attack (mostly) we need to take it to the ground and win the war. We cannot let “Eminent” Distortians (those who distort our history) manufacture an irrelevant and irreverant story and pass it off as Indian History & culture. Those for whom, History of Bharat began with Moghuls and then continued as part of British History and then as we know Nehru and “Fake” Gandhi History.

“Our” Story is important. Our story is not necessarily individually ours. A voice for many others too. There are many voiceless individual who possibly are doing great stuff out there, but unable to leave their Story for their future generations to claim ” I am the reason they existed and they are the reason I “am”

I care for my Culture, I care for my Ancestors, I care for the Society, I care for our Children, I care for our Future Generation. Therefore I CARE TO TELL MY STORY because I believe in how Ravinar signed off the session with – “If you want the future kids to say “”THEY are who YOU WERE”.. then do things for them to say that…” 

To begin with…by telling My story….

PS: You can check Ravinar’s world renowned blog here : http://www.mediacrooks.com/

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  1. Sudarshan October 4, 2014 / 10:54 am

    Thank you for sharing. Is there a YouTube link to the talk? I tried searching but could not find….

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