Saffron Senoritas – Response to Wharton

Saffron Senoritas – A group of Patriotic Hindu Women across the World respond to Wharton’s disinvite to Sri Narendra Modi, Elected democratically 3 times as Chief Minister of Gujarat


Press Release –06-03-2013

Saffron Senoritas/Senoras – a group of Hindu women spread  over the world — strongly condemn the petition by a bunch of leftists in Academia who want to throttle the voice of emerging India and also condemn the Wharton India Economic forum [WIEF] for buckling under pressure from these so called ‘Progressives’.

India is passing through extra-ordinary situation wherein it faces challenges regarding security of women and humongous corruption including in defence deals. Last few months have shown that in the capital of the country women are not safe even during day time. Many feel that we have entered an era of evil people like the King of the Kauravas Duryodhana  ruling the country with temerity and impudence.

Coupled with this, is the level of corruption witnessed in the last few years and the audacity with which the ruling groups are going about this issue, hoping that newer…

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