Ex(H)it Polls, time to Exit

Wow!!! it is great to be back here and wishing everyone a very happy 2008. May everyone’s life be filled in unending happiness and smiles!

I couldn’t help admiring this man who answers to the name Narendra Modi. When everything was going against him, against all the odds (atleast to the outside world) he proved every psephologist (and the whole world) fell worthless and mind you it is not the first time he has done this. What makes it more admirable is that he achieved this when there were no need of enemies outside his party and the whole apparatus worked against him.

Coming to my favourite object of appreciation, the media!!! What I loved about them during this elections was their unfailing accuracy – accuracy in predicting the outcome totally wrong . Time and again, they go through the same motions and come out with the same conclusions way off the mark. So for the thick skinnedness, you have to give it to them. Media has today become just a parchment filled with opinions and where is the news? Some journo can help me in my hunt. The way the events were covered it only confirmed long held suspicions of the key personnel in the media being on the payrolls of some mischievous cultural and political masters. So much for the freedom of the press. I was no big admirer of Narendra Modi but the media in their eagerness to satisfy their masters showed Modi in negative light and apparently it turned out to be short of free air time (Modi need not have worried about the Election Commission’s Model code). Today I am one of the biggest fan thanks to Modi-bashing the media indulged in. Coming to the need for this exercise and the so called expertise of the psephologist – do we really need these experts? More than a month before the elections were announced Modi came out with very accurate numbers while the exit polls and psephologists were way off the mark. So move over Mahesh Rangarajans (atleast he was courteous enough to agree that he erred), Yogendra Yadavs (funny guy this, he blames the public for his wrong predictions).

Now the media’s analysis post-polls. They damn this guy Modi whatever he does and in their eyes he never seem to be doing anything right. I was wondering what the hell we the commoners should be doing – they branded Modi as dangerous because he is HONEST, because he in NON-CORRUPTIBLE – What a vices for an Indian Politician!!! Media wake up and shake up. And when they run out of valid arguments they deploy their ultimate weapon communalization, polarization blah blah… And no journalist worth his/her salt picked the gauntlet thrown by Modi to prove that he made a single communal speech (Modi even offered to make available all the DVDs of every rally). Then we have the commies who have gone wild with their imagination. “Nandigram is fine – but Godhra is wrong” argument – born hypocrites clinging on to some stone-age concept. We only suspected that commies like Sitaram Yechury et al were stupid and he blabbered something to confirm our suspicions. We saw history repeating in Himachal Pradesh too but then media and their election time channel partners called psephologists were saved more embarrassment thanks to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination which took the focus away from their second blunder in less than a week.

Yeah thanks to the media, I have turned a real Modi fan. Here is a person who fought the battle all on his own despite all imaginable adversities and care two hoots to the SECULAR media and even more SECULAR Congress and the dinosaurs called communists.

As the new year sets its pace, I am sure this great nation despite all the enemies within, the real merchants of death would overcome… we will definitely Honge Kamyaab. The common man will win, despite the Kingfisher calendar being bid over 5000 to satisfy voyeuristic needs of some rich males.

Good luck and watch out for more entertainment – more elections are due and let us wait for the next round of exit polls!!!

I was in an alumni meet of a media school which I am associated with. The malaise of the modern media was in evidence as proven by the following conversation during a panel discussion (panel was virtually a who is who of the the media – electronic and print) . When it was asked a 9/11 coverage on TV never showed a single dead body and why is our media so insensitive? Pat came the reply from a popular TV news channel reporter – Agreed not a single dead body was shown but western media dont hesitate to show bodies in the 3rd world countries say during a Tsunami or Earthquake. So every news channel there dont show anything that projects their country in bad light. My dear lady! why cant our media do the same was the question, go and shoot scenes in the other nation, why do it project your own country in bad light. Yet another joke was reserved to a very senior Chief of Bureau who took a potshot at a rival newspaper saying that his paper was very clear and ethical – they did only published a black and white picture of a girl getting mauled by a tiger whereas the other newspaper published a color photograph. What a consolation and thank God for small mercies.