Kangaroo courts and Kangaroo Brains

Yeah! a sequel was unavoidable to my earlier story. Going by the way things are turning out, expect atleast another sequel. As suspected earlier, it turned out to be damp squib. Hey, would the aussies (non usage of capital letter for this proper noun is deliberate) treated an american citizen this way. Brand a doctor a terrorist aid, then cancel the visa, give him criminal justice certificate and when they realize that they f***ed up the whole case and the poor man’s life (include his family too), think of deporting. This is pits…. and Indian Government still sits here twiddling its thumb when its citizenry and the nation is being insulted. How I wish the so called politician rats of this great Nation haul the aussies over the coals (or colas – both are equivalent) and make them pay a very high diplomatic price.

When the truth started coming out, the next best recourse, deport the poor guy. Why? because the most intelligent aussie decided not to even borrow the brains of their national animal, Kangaroo (sorry Kangaroo – had to brand you with aussie – some karmic bonding this). Coincidentally, there is a parallel justic delivery system – the Kangaroo courts (considered very inhuman and primitive and in fact illegal in India). I now know why and where the terminology originated .

The most surprising and conspicuous actor made the presence felt by staying aloof from the whole episode – Indian Media!!! They were busy shooting Aishwarya Rai’s shoes, Rakhi Sawant’s Smooch. Or was this not sensational enough? or was Haneef or Sabeel as Indians not important enough. Did the descendants of exiled criminals (read aussies) buy you off? The more I look at the ways things are happening, more convinced I am about our media being under the control of some western religious organization. So much for the responsible journalism in this nation. Fourth Estate is nowhere on Planet earth forget in any estate. Congratulations! your sense of responsibility is worth emulating. Truth can go to hell!!! Injustice can reign in this world. What they did was to try and boost their TRP by hounding the poor parents into their living and bed rooms. I happen to witness the camping mediamen (and media women too) outside the homes of the parents of the “doctors of death” (this title would soon be withdrawn to be re-conferred on the aussie Immigration Minister). The person with Alzhemiers (father of one of the accused apparently suffers from this) seemed to be more sensible with his thought process than these so called intelligentsia in the media – Mayas, Barkhas, Rajdeeps and other such worms included. Another thing to note is the hyprocrisy in reporting language. I havent read a single report calling them Muslim Doctors or Muslim Engineers. They are India Doctors or Indian Engineers. I am proud they did that not identify them with their religion. Why cant they do the same when they report about the Hindus of this country? Traditions followed in various places of religious significance are never referred to as Indian tradition, they condemn them as ancient Hindu tradition . Clowns!!! In the eyes and words of this secular media (paid by their Western Masters to do so anyway) Muslims are Indian and Hindus are Hindus . Well I am proud of that too!!! In fact more proud. For this great nation the biggest curse is their politicians and very closely competing with them is the MEDIA. Keep up….we are cheering you on. May the better rat win… Citizens of this nation are combating the situation of, Heads you win, Tails I lose.

Wait, I soon expect to write another sequel to this sordid drama. This one from UK. Waiting for elementary discovery from the land of Sherlock Holmes. Only it was a case for Dr. Haneef / Dr. Sabeel not Dr. Watson.

Long live India!!! Live longer Indian Media  Live Longest Indian Politicians While we citizens rot in the foreign prisons in solitary confinement