Mind Games

The next Sûtra is Smrutiparishuddhau swaroopashoonyevarthamatranirbhasa nirvitarka . Savitarka Samadhi is when there is an idea, a thought, while Nirvitarka Samadhi is when the intellect is purified and the memory becomes clear. You know, often your memory is clogged.


Try this simple exercise. Just ask anyone to narrate a movie they have seen five years ago. They will not be able to give you dialogues and you’ll probably find that the whole story is all mixed up. Simple things do not stay in your mind. Reliving memory itself is an exercise that is not very easy.


Go back to the past, you will find that you have a lot of things mixed up. What did you do in January three years ago? You know, you read the newspapers everyday spending a lot of time with it yet you probably will not remember most of what you have read. People do not really remember things. Our memory is short-lived.


But what happens when you sit down to meditate? All these old images keep coming up. Why do they come up? They come up to leave you and go. When they have all gone, the memory become pure and in that state you really become aware of who you are. How were you when you were a child? You were so blissful irrespective of what you had and what you didn’t have!


A child doesn’t need a reason to smile or laugh. That is an indication that memory is pure. When consciousness expands free from the clutches of memory, it’s what I call a pure memory. So, as you practise this type of Samadhi (Savitarka Samadhi), a moment comes where you are simply there where there is no hovering thoughts, ideas or feelings. That is when you experience moments of thoughtlessness. In that state, you just have the awareness of “I am’’ without any thought or feeling.


Glimpses of this Nirvitarka Samadhi you get in deep meditation. And as you continue the practise, it stabilises and becomes more and more obvious.


Ethayaiva savichara nirvichara cha sookshma vishaya vyakyaatha  is the next Sûtra.


Like Savitarka and Nirvitarka, there is Savichara and Nirvichara which is more subtle than Tarka. What is the difference between Tarka and Vichara? Tarka is the logic where your clear ideas are being spoken whereas faint feeling is also included in Vichara and that is why it is subtle.


Sookshma vishayatvam Chaalingaparyavasanam is the next Sûtra. This means that they continue for ever in the material or relative universe. Whenever you identify something that is its sign. As long as name and form are present, the relative material universe extends and as it extends to the subtler this continues.


Tha eva sabeeja samadhihi is the next Sûtra and it is called Sabeeja Samadhi. Here Patanjali Maharishi is taking you to the finer and finer aspects. This is difficult to understand if you don’t have an experience of quiet mind.